healthbank is revolutionising how personal health data is exchanged, stored and monetized. Health data today is complex – it often is stored in closed ecosystems, sits dormant, is nearly never seen by the end user – the patient. Exchanging personal health data is difficult – patients and care providers rarely have a complete record of an individual.

Health consumerism is driving how care is delivered and accessed. Patients increasingly have more data and choices at their fingertips and healthbank’s ecosystem enables users to securely store and exchange data with a range of healthcare, pharmaceutical and wellness and lifestyle service providers.

By operating a health data exchange platform, we connect different stake-holders in the health ecosystem – at the user’s request. healthbank provides an independent and neutral solution, that only the user has access to. We also process and exchange data, but that is also the user’s choice.


healthbank provides a safe and secure ecosystem for users to store their sensitive health data, to have access to the entirety of it and to decide with whom they want to share it. We also offer providers and healthcare professionals a secure environment for all health-related data. From fitness to medical data as well as from eMedications to medical therapy plans, prevention recommendations.


May 2013

Founding HB cooperative with 35 founding members.

June 2015

Founding HB innovation AG.

July 2016

Go-live first release. Alpha release first B2B customer. Roll-out first mobile apps. Second release platform.

September 2016

Beta release first B2B customer.

May 2017

Architecture decision.

March 2018

200k users.

June 2018

Platform 2.0 on PaaS and end2end encrypt.

July 2018

3 B2B customers live.

September 2018

Pre ICO.

October 2018

Health data market place ready.

November 2018

Public ICO.

March 2019

Emerging market application ready.