Before the democratization of data, different silos of data sets were not linked together and were controlled by separate central institutions. Therefore, these use cases below will be difficult to realize without HARA’s decentralized data exchange. Some of the immediate benefits that players will see:

  • Financial institutions can now access new segments to provide low-cost banking services
  • Insurance companies can now provide products that leverage better climate forecasts and soil information
  • Green energy companies can use enriched data to further innovate in renewable local energy production
  • Data companies can build sophisticated credit scoring models for untapped segments
  • FMCG companies or retailers can provide customers with traceability information
  • Certification agencies can receive information to certify and monitor real-time certification requirements
  • Marketplaces can now be more efficient and competitive by providing price transparency to all players
  • Biotech firms can accelerate the evolution in microbiology supporting effective substitutes for chemical and otherwise toxic farm inputs
  • Smallholders and family farmers now have agronomical data, online-advice and market information, such prices and off take-volumes of products and farm inputs on a micro-market level in a timely fashion
Data empowers billions. It levels the playing field for all players. With a traceable and transparent data exchange, we are no longer losing valuable data. All players, large and small, including smallholder farmers or local shop owners, will be able to access data we generate daily. HARA token economics will reinforce a virtuous cycle that continues to grow. Beginning with the food sector, HARA will touch up to 1 billion people in the planet. Furthermore, expansion to the value chains of health, education, mobility, and recreation sectors will assure HARA tokens to impact billions of others. HARA is starting that mission today. Starting with one byte at a time.


Our mission began within the agriculture and food sector and continues toward overall sustainability for the world’s most socially impactful sectors. The potential impacts of a global and transparent data access on agriculture and food sector are increase in productivity, supply chain and market efficiencies. The growth in this sector directly influences the health sector, for instance, improvement in household ability to purchase and consume cheaper and better food.



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