H-Education World


H-Network is a venture that is looking to create a network of platforms from which it would offer a multitude of services to users around the world. There isn't any company in the world that is currently providing a completely owned and operated by it to allow people to get access to a wide range of services from a single account, and, H-Network intends to fill that void. H-Network is a bootstrapped start-up that came into existence on 01st November 2015 when it initiated its pre-operations testing and learning. The founder, Raj Sharma, collaborated with various independent analysts to analyse the various lines of business that relate to the day-to-day lives of the common people around the world. On the basis of that research, certain sectors were identified where H Network would concentrate its attention in order to create individual platforms catering to those sectors with a main platform being the conduit for users across the world to access those individual platforms. That network would be the H Network. The sectors identified by that research and analysis are:

  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • E-Stores
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Banking
H-Network would create subsidiaries to manage each sector and to come up with a sector-specific platform. The first platform to be developed would be for the Education sector and H Network created a subsidiary, H Education World, to that effect on 17th February 2017. H-Network would devote 2018 to developing its business in that sector before making a foray into the Transportation and E-Commerce businesses in 2019.


It is the world's biggest token sale in Education Sector till date. H Education World is a subsidiary of H Network International, which is a completely bootstrapped start-up, and is working towards creating world's biggest and best Educational Platform to connect students across the world to best educational resources created to allow them access to innovative learning mechanisms at lowest possible costs, to the latest in Ed-Tech, to state-of-the-art educational institutions set-up by H Education World, and to specialized exams crafted to assess a student's true potential and allow the best educational institutions to admit students based on that holistic assessment. The website, as the name suggests, provides courses related to English Language. A team of educators is currently working on developing Basic Preparatory Courses for students of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and would start on such courses for other boards after that. At the same time, other websites are being developed to provide courses and study material for other subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi, History, Geography, etc. and would be launched one by one by the end of 2018. The main aim of H Education World is to create a single point of convergence for all students to allow them access to everything related to their student life like books, other study material, stationery, uniforms, specialized courses, international competitions, international qualifying exams, a student-specific social network, banking services, and everything else that a student might require.


May 2018

New Sub-platform launches.

July 2018

Pre Token Sale.

August 2018

HEW Token Sale.

September 2018

Main Platform Launch; Process initiation for intl. Tie-ups.

December 2018

Standalone Online Bookstore Launch for e-Books; Initial upload of Prep Courses to be completed for existing grades and board

Q1 2019

Initial upload of Prep courses for remaining boards and grades in India to be completed; Initial upload of Specialized Career-oriented Courses to start; Admin set-up in other markets to start; Launch of intl. Qualifying exams.

Q2 2019

Launch of platform for intl. Admissions and fee payments; Initial upload of Professional Dev. Courses to start; Online Bookstore to start SelfPublishing services along with launch of Print Services.

Q3 2019

Initial upload of prep Courses for school students in USA, UK, Canada to start.

Q4 2019

Initial upload of Prof. Dev. Courses to be completed; Initial upload of prep Courses for school students in USA, UK, Canada to be completed.


Laying of groundwork for first school and college - Land Identification, Clearances and other Paperwork; Launch of Social Network for H Education World students.


Inauguration of first school and college; Groundwork for more schools and colleges; Launch of Scholarships on main platform.


Launch of proprietary Ed-Tech Software and Hardware.