Greeneum Network ICO


GREENEUM is creating the most advanced network in the world to encourage the production, distribution, and consumption of GREEN , renewable, sustainable energy including solar, wind, hydro, and thermal. The GREENEUM Network uniquely measures, verifies and incentivizes efficient and eco-friendly behavior throughout the entire supply chain to benefit present and future generations. GREENEUM Global Energy Networks (GREENEUM) is designed to leverage targeted Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, IoT and smart contracts. Our vision is to create and grow a decentralized and sustainable energy market that enables smart monetization for real time peer-to-peer (P2P) energy and data transactions. Utility companies, grid operators, and users alike can obtain real time energy tracking while global trade markets will benefit from accurate and real time data. Integration of GREENEUM targeted AI and machine learning technology will enable a next generation of smart predictions, insights, and forecasts across the global energy market. Stakeholders in the energy ecosystem will be able to drive operational efficiencies, save millions and create a positive impact on the global renewable energy marketplace. GREENEUM is characterized by a range of new technologies that are merging the physical, digital, and financial worlds challenging ideas about the essence of sustainable human co-existence on this planet.


Greeneum is a blockchain-based marketplace that aims to connect all entities in the energy supply chain. The platform uses smart contracts and AI machine learning to create a decentralized, sustainable energy market. AI is used to predict prices and provide consumers and producers optimal energy rates.


November 2015

SolarChange platform launched

December 2016

Validation Mechanism development

January 2017

Two-year pilot program successfully launched in Cyprus

April 2017

White Paper research begins

August 2017

Initial Token Offering pre-research begins

November 2017

White Paper published

January 2018

Greeneum site redesigned and launched! Initial Token Offering GREEN Paper developed Test Net Live - GREEN Test Tokens (GTT)

February 2018

GreenPET demos and pre-ordering available Green Contributors: Angels & Bounty programs launch

March 2018

Greeneum Project Bank opens Green Marketplace opens

April 2018

GreenPET demo launches in Argentina API for the Marketplace, Solar Inverters and Data Monitoring released

Quarter 2, 2018

Greeneum Network and GreenPET becomes available

Quarter 3, 2018

Business Accounts finalized and launched

Quarter 4, 2018

Green Leaders Program launched in conjunction with Smart Contract services for green projects

Quarter 1, 2019

API available for Solar Inverters and Predictions

Quarter 2, 2019

Grid Operators API, WindPET available

Quarter 3, 2019

Biomass-PET, Biomass-PET launches

Quarter 4, 2019

Hydropower-PET launches


GREENET goes live with API available to all stakeholders