Global Tech


Global Tech is a crypto community for the people, by the people. We believe in the future of blockchain technology and its ability to revolutionize the banking and finance sector. Our technology paves the way for cryptocurrency to challenge and transform the current state of global finance.

Our vision is to be global leaders in the cryptocurrency community – the most recognized name in digital finance and investments. Our company will be ever-evolving, providing all the services and information crypto investors need to succeed in one place. Our business model positions us to become the leading brand in the cryptocurrency market. We do this by providing industry-leading training to GTH holders through online trading courses, our social community platform and live worldwide training seminars. In addition, we manage investment funds for our coin holders to contribute to.


Global Tech is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform, which not only allows users to trade cryptocurrency, but also ensures that their experience is profitable and straightforward. The trading and exchange platform is supported by artificial intelligence as well as a customer support team. The project will include fund management options, a virtual trading platform and an ICO watchlist updated by industry professionals. Separate from this platform are a industry news website, education platform and social media network, which are designed to educate and bring the crypto community together. The Global Tech coin will be available to be traded on this platform, as well as offer benefits to the user for holding, and we will offer incentives for holding the coin over a longer period of time.


June 2017

Global Tech is Formed.

August 2017

Easibility studies completed.

November 2017

Final concept completed.

January 2018

Whitepaper begins.

February 2018

Programming & Development Planning; Fund Management Strategies Determined.

April 2018

Goals and Legal Requirements implemented into whitepaper.

May 2018

Global Tech Platform Development Commenced; Marketing Strategy Developed; Key Team Members recruited.

8 June 2018

Australian Government Regulator Austrac Registered For Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 or Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988.

25 July 2018

Seed Funding Opens.

15 August 2018

Pre-ICO planned date.

12 September 2018

ICO Stage 1 planned date.

October 2018

Trading Platform Internal Beta testing.

10 October 2018

ICO Stage 2 planned date.

7 November 2018

ICO Stage 3 planned date.

November 2018

ICO Listing Site.

December 2018

Social Media Platform Launch; Asia Roadshow; Trading Platform Launch.

January 2019

US Roadshow.


Global Pay Development; Traditional Asset Diversification; Artificial Intelligence.