A REVOLUTIONARY ADDITION TO THE GAMING INDUSTRY Gamico is a platform where gamers can earn a living by playing video games. Gamers and game fanatics will be able to play, compete, and more importantly monetise their skills and time spent on playing their favourite video games. Gamico players will be able to earn Gamico tokens (GMC) by playing tournaments, H2H games, unlocking game achievements, tapping into social features, and exchanging their GMC for other cryptocurrencies. The eSports market has seen significant growth in the past decade, thanks to an increased interest from fans and boosts in brand investments. In 2016, the global eSports market was valued at nearly US$493 million, and global eSports revenue is projected to reach US$1.49 billion in 2020. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Gamico is a platform where gamers can earn a living by playing video games. From hyper casual mobile games to multiplayer online battle arena games. Gamers and game fanatics will be able to play, compete, and more importantly monetize their skills and time spent on playing their favourite video games. The eSports market has been growing exponentially over the past decade, due to the increasing interest of fans and the subsequent boost in brand investments, In 2016, the global eSports market was valued at nearly 493 million U.S. dollars. According to the source's estimates, global eSports market revenue will reach 1.49 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. As the industry matures, and incorporates an increasing number of events, leagues and media right deals, the average revenue per fan is anticipated to grow from $3.67 in 2017 to $5.20 by 2020. Despite the growth, this is still a factor 3 lower than a popular sports such as basketball, and a factor 12 lower than the most commercial league in the world, the NFL. Furthermore, a deeper examination of the market reveals that the eSports market is skewed, and that the top 3% of the players of the gaming community receives 90% of investment and prize money in eSports. Additionally, most of the eSports revenue goes to only a handful of games, such as DOTA, League of Legends, Counter-Strike and FIFA. This means that only a limited number of gamers will be able to support themselves financially, and even fewer will be able to have a lucrative career being an eSports gamer. Right now, one of the main ways in which gamers can make a living playing games is by sharing gaming content online. The top gaming‐related video star is PewDiePie, with 40 million subscribers, and number two is VanossGaming, with 15 million subscribers. They may be the biggest stars, but collectively gaming videos make up more than 10 percent of YouTube’s top performing channels. However, we would argue that there’s no direct correlation from the popularity of the content, and eSports, as most channels are built for entertainment purposes. So far, much of the online gaming audience is more comparable to fans of the Harlem Globetrotters (people who are entertainers, who happen to play basketball) rather than to fans of a successful pro basketball team who plays to win a championship. With the current environment, it’s hard to be a professional eSports gamer. Gamico is going to change that. Gamico is here to revolutize the gaming industry. With the introduction of Gamico, gamers can play any games they want, and solely focus on their gaming skill, while fulfilling their dream of having a lucrative career playing their favourite games. THE SOLUTION: GAMICO  With Gamico, players all around the world will be able to make a good living playing their favourite games. The Gamico platform will also introduce a groundbreaking feat for gamers worldwide: game result verification via blockchain technology. Gamers will be able to compete in high level, high stake tournaments or challenge other players in H2H matches. Most importantly, winners on Gamico will be awarded GMC tokens that can be traded for high-value cryptocurrencies, thus enabling them to monetise their skills and time spent playing video games. In order to meet the demands of all types of gamers, we will work to integrate the Gamico ecosystem with the widest possible variety of games - with anything from eSports to casual games and mobile console games - so that gamers from all walks of life will be able to enjoy the benefits of playing games to make a living. Furthermore, our platform’s features will allow them to attract new fans/followers, acquire the exposure needed for new sponsorships and endorsements, and open new doors to take their careers further.  FEATURE A: TOURNAMENTS As mentioned above, we believe that the lack of tournaments and prize money is the biggest problem for eSports. This is why tournaments will be the point of emphasis for the Gamico platform. Gamico will host many tournaments on a daily basis, to ensure that players on different levels, playing different games will have a place to compete and earn GMC. There will be different type of tournaments on Gamico where user will be able to compete. Type 1: Buy In Tournament Players will pay a fee upfront, which then would make up for a majority of the prize pool. This format is completely peer-to-peer and hence these tournaments can be set up frequently, allowing gamers at different level to compete at a higher rate. Tournament will run in different formats such as single elimination, double elimination, round-robin and round-robin split. 95% of the buy-in will be distributed to the prize pool, while 3% and 2% will be distributed to the platform, and the game developer respectively.  Type 2: Head to Head Battle Designed for people who is looking for a quick game, head to head battle (H2H) is projected to be the most popular option. Instead of waiting for others to complete their matches, all you need to do in a H2H Battle, is to get matched up to an opponent who is willing to play at the same stake, win the match, and get instantly paid off.  Type 3: Freeroll Tournament Freeroll tournament does not require any entry fee. On Gamico, we will run freeroll tournaments regularly for all games on offer. All players especially beginners and newbie will be able to compete, and have a first taste the tournament experience, while also taking home some prize GMC, of course. We will also run a number of big prize pool freeroll tournaments, at our platform launch. We may also run these tournaments when we launch a new game, all of this with the effort to attract new players, and allowing them to realize their eSports fantasy.  Type 4: Sponsored Tournament In these tournaments, our brand sponsors will contribute to the prize pool with GMC Tokens, along with products and services. Instead of buying in with GMC tokens, players may need to complete one/more advertising CTA for the brand (e.g. sharing their website to their Facebook), in order to register their spot for the tournament.  Type 5: Single Player Challenge This is most suitable for single-player games such as puzzle and arcade games. In this type of tournaments, user will not compete with other players. Instead, user will play offline, after the user completes the game, Gamico will compare his/her scores, to all scores stored on our blockchain submitted by all other players prior. The smart contract on blockchain will then reward the users based on their performance in the game. A simple payout algorithm would be using %tile to reward the user. E.g. If the user’s score is better than 90% of all players who played the game, he/she will earn a certain amount of GMC.  FEATURE B: ACHIEVEMENT & MILESTONE BOUNTY Tournaments will not be the only way players are able to earn GMC. Gamico will also offer bounties for various game achievements and milestones. Some serious, some causal, some funny. We believe that this feature will be a fun additional to our gamers’ experience.  It could be “Scoring the most headers” in FIFA 18 to “Unlocking access to the Outlander Hero” in Fortnite. We want to increase the thrill of gaming, and we believe that rewarding gamers with achievements bounty is the way to go. FEATURE C: OFFICIAL RANKING & GAMER PROFILE Ranking is an important part of Gamico, and all games on offer on Gamico will have an official ranking, which is a direct indication on the player’s skills and performance. After participating in a tournaments, user will receive not only GMC tokens, but also ranking points which would contribute to the game’s player ranking. This ranking is essential as there are exclusive tournaments would require a certain ranking for entry. All gamers on Gamico will have an exclusive gamer profile, which would store and present the user’s game records, achievements, ranking, all other relevant information across all our partnered games. Furthermore, we will integrate their video contents from platform such as Youtube and Twitch to their official gamer profile, and allowing them to use Gamico as their central hub when it comes to their gaming career. The above mentioned features could help our gamers significantly when it comes to attracting new fans and followers, who could offer donations for their appreciation. In addition, players could take advantage of these social features to attract brands and companies to offer sponsorships and other business opportunity, which could enable them to take their gaming career to another level.  FEATURE D: RESULT VERIFICATION BY GAMICO COMMUNITY While we are partnering with many different games, many games we offer still does not direct integration with our platform. Because of this, we expect to roll out a community feature, which allows the community to get rewarded for verifying match results in the event of a dispute. For games that we don’t have direct integrations with, we requires our gamers to record/ stream the match to Youtube or Twitch, and submit the link of the video along with the game result. If there’s a dispute regarding the final result of the game, we would create a job ticket for the community. Members of the community can then watch the clips, and submit their version of the result. After a specific results is submitted to the point where it reaches statistical significance, then we will use the result as a final score, and those who submitted the statistical significant result will receive a reward of GMC tokens. Here’s an example:

  • Johnny and Tom starts a 100 GMC Stake H2H Battle for FIFA 18
  • They play, and stream the match on Twitch
  • After match is over, they submit their score, and the video link to Gamico
  • Johnny reported the score of “2-1 Johnny”, and Tom reported the score of “3-0 Tom”
  • A job of match verification is created, and is pushed to the Gamico platform
  • Mary, a gamer looking to earn free GMC, watches the videos, and submit a score of “2-1 Johnny”
  • Mary, along with 7 others also agree to the score of “2-1 Johnny”
  • Mary, and those who submitted the score of “2-1 Johnny” will then receive a reward of 1 GMC each. Those who submitted other score will not receive any GMC
There will also be an integrity score on the gamer’s profile. This score indicates, how often the player has been on the wrong side of the dispute, and it’s an indication on the user’s integrity and respect for fair play. The score will be important, as our platform may restrict some users’ participation to the platform due to their low integrity score.   BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATION IN GAMICO There are many applications of blockchain technology that are essential to the operation of the Gamico platform. Application 1: Public Escrow Due to the fact that we will have thousands of tournaments running simultaneously at any given time, it is important for us to ensure that GMC tokens committed by our players to those tournaments are safe and sound until the tournament is completed. This is why using blockchain and smart contract technology is essential for our operation, as it allows us to place those tokens to the smart contract instead of relying on a third-party to be in possession of those valuable tokens. Preventing theft or hacking, hence increasing player’s confidence to the platform. This is an example of the blockchain technology used when conducting a tournament:
  • Player register to a tournament 
  • Gamico API forms a smart contract, which includes the conditions for the tournament, and publishes it to our blockchain
  • The address of the smart contract for transferring contributions in GMC for participation in the tournament becomes available becomes available in the players’ personal account
  • After the tournament, the player will submit their score to the blockchain
  • Gamico API will then reward the users, the game developers, and the platform based on the smart contract formed before the tournament
  • Application 2: GMC Transaction Verification On the Gamico platform, we expect to see a lot of transactions of player transferring, earning, or spending GMC. We will use blockchain technology to ensure that all transactions are recorded, and is deprived of fraud or tempering. Application 3: Data/ Record Integrity With many matches and tournaments hosted on Gamico, data such as game records and game stats are essential to our platform, as tournament and achievement bounty results are dependent on the accuracy and integrity of those data. Game records integrity is especially important for single player challenge, as the payout of the challenge is directly dependent on past records, Therefore we will use blockchain technology to ensure that all transactions are recorded, and is deprived of fraud or tempering. GAMICOIN (GMC) ECONOMICS Simple Economics It’s very simple.
    • Players buy GMC when they want to play in Gamico
    • Players sell GMC when they want to cash out, and exchange GMC to other cryptocurrencies or fiat money
  • GET GAMICO TOKENS - Buy them on Gamico, refer friends, participate in promotions, or receive from other wallets
  • USE TOKENS TO BUY IN AND PLAY - Choose from 4 game modes: buy in tournaments, freeroll tournaments, sponsored tournaments, and single-player mode
  • WIN MORE TOKENS - The more practice you get, the better your skills, and the more tokens you can earn
  • EXCHANGE FOR OTHER CRYPTOS - Acquire other cryptocurrencies from the exchange market with little to no risk, even if you are a crypto-novice
  • Value Appreciation Holders of GMC post ICO will benefit from an increase in the price of GMC, as demands for the token increase. The only way for any player to play on Gamico is to buy tokens, so as Gamico acquires more users, and integrate with more games, we will expect the price of GMC to appreciate, giving early adopters more playing power on Gamico. Proxy System One of the main concern that we have when we are building Gamico, is that we believe the barrier of entry for people to acquire our tokens from the crypto-exchanges, and then send it to the Gamico App Wallet, is too high, and it would not convert a lot of players who are not already experienced in the cryptocurrency world. Hence, we are going to have a proxy system which will lower the barrier of entry of crypto-novice, and allow anyone who likes the concept of playing on Gamico to have a chance to try, and succeed. We are going allow people to buy GMC on Gamico using credit cards (using market rate), and then we will work with our partnered exchanges, to proportionately buy GMC back from players who are looking to cash out from Gamico. This system will sustain the economics of GMC (avoiding any surplus in the system), while converting more users, hence increasing the demand of GMC. We will allocate 5,000,000 GMC for this proxy system, and to ensure that everyone has a chance to succeed as a professional gamer.


    Gamico is a platform where gamers can earn a living by playing video games. Gamers and game fanatics will be able to play, compete, and more importantly monetise their skills and time spent on playing their favourite video games.


    December 2017

    The Idea of Gamico is born!

    January 2018

    Started Outreach to Gaming Companies such as EA, Valve Corporation, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft and more.

    January 2018

    Gamico 1.0 Platform Development Started

    March 2018

    Gamico 1.0 Alpha Version Released (Tournaments, Matches, Games Integration Ready for Testing)

    March 2018

    Private Token Sale Started

    June 2018

    Pre-Sale Started

    July 2018

    (ICO) Token Sale Round

    October 2018

    Gamico 1.0 Beta Launched: Users are able to compete against each other in freeroll tournaments for 13 Games to win up to 4 million free GMC Tokens Games confirmed: League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Street Fighter, Clash of Royale, Hearthstone, FIFA, NBA 2K18, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Tetris

    December 2018

    Gamico 1.0 Officially Launched. With Gamico 1.0, users will be able to create and own official gamer profiles, join tournaments, challenge other players headsup, and verify their match results via our blockchain technology.

    March 2019 - September 2019

    Social features, such as rankings, achievements, and chat functions, will be added and released as part of Gamico 2.0 in March 2019. These are designed to encourage users to focus on their skills and work towards better gameplay, more interaction with other users, and allow the best players even more visibility to potential networks and sponsors. The Gamico Mobile app will also be launched, allowing our gamers to earn GMC by playing games whenever, and wherever they are.

    September 2019 - Beyond

    Gamico will work closely with our games and game developers to offer a more immersive and integrated experience to our gamers. Users will be able to view detailed stats and analytics of their performance, and thus improve their play. In addition, we plan to add new features: the ability for users to trade in-app assets, the ability to wager, and the ability for users to donate to each other. This, in tandem with the social features in Stage 2, is intended to improve platform retention and engagement, and ultimately contribute to the development of a thriving gaming community