FTV Coin Deluxe


Blockchain technology provides the basis for creating a decentralized ecosystem that will put at its core the 'individual players' of the fashion industry, protecting their interests, providing them with new means of directly interacting with their sponsors, and as a result tighten the highly-involved community. Fashion TV will help establish this enclosed ecosystem at the core of the fashion industry which will be based on a standard coin, the FTV Coin Deluxe. Fashion TV strives to help newcomer talents to break through the harsh barriers existing in the market as well as financially empowering individual talents with a new way of monetization, while eliminating the need for intermediaries (such as large talent agencies) who currently hold most of the industry's power.


FashionTV, the international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting station that has reached over 1 billion people around the globe, is announcing today its debut in the blockchain space to shake up the fashion industry. FTV Coin Deluxe management is led by the famous Michel Adam, president of FTV, with an ICO experienced legal, technical, financial, and marketing team from Austria, Israel, and Hong Kong. Sales teams are located all over the world. FashionTV’s decentralized platform will empower up-and-coming models with new ways of breaking into the trade and will eliminate the need for intermediaries, such as talent agencies, that currently hold much of the industry’s power. FashionTV’s new FTV Coin Deluxe will also give affluent individuals in the community exclusive access to extravagant goods and services that suit their luxurious lifestyle through its marketplace.



Launch ICO for FTV Coins Deluxe. Pre-sale and ICO. FTV Coin Deluxe Launch parties worldwide and roadshows.

JULY 2018

1. Summer launch FTV Coin Deluxe Parties: Launch of FTV Wallet. Meeting of Models and Mother Agencies. Recruitment of staff for FTV Coin Deluxe company. Recruitment of marketing teams in ±50 key countries. Strategical marketing partnerships - model agencies, fashion weeks, brands. The launch of FTV Coin Deluxe and other cryptocurrencies sales points worldwide.


Develop the software for the marketplace; Sign contracts with partners (Fashion brands, designers, e-commerce stores etc.); Integrate the systems with these partners; Launch the marketplace; Deliver and sales of the F Wallet; Strategic technological partnerships; and Development of an inventory of luxury goods and services;


New Year’s Party – new year’s eve cruise. Fashion Events. Full integration of the OTT Platform with the Blockchain technology. Development of a decentralized fashion and lifestyle video distribution network, where users will be the owners and beneficiaries of their content and distribute it through FTV to all the platforms and subscribers which are using FTV. FTV+ all users will be able to share any content they have on their device with the rest of the community. FTV+ aims to eliminate intermediaries by letting advertisers, viewers, and content creators engage with each other directly. Integration of centralized servers for storage and distribution of the content.