Feeliums’ platform offers the use of a smart contract that eliminates the need for trust as the smart contract ensures the completion of a set of mutually agreed terms at the time of creating the contract. Feelium is the token that will be used as the medium of transfer on the feelium platform. The name Feelium is based on the utility behind the coin to simplify and personalize contractual transactions of real world assets between people and businesses. Currently, trust between two parties is required to ensure the successful completion of the rendering of a product or service. However, adherence of signed mutual contracts is Dependant upon the parties involved. If a dispute presents, the enforcement of this contract is then Dependant on the domestic or international judicial system, which can take anywhere from months to years to solve . Such disputes are a drain on financial resources and the time of all involved. Feelium restores the decision making power and expands the parameters within which contracts can function. With smart contracts and an escrow service built into its platform, Feelium allows for contracts on the individuals' terms. Feelium also offers e-contracts that can be stored on a highly encrypted blockchain technology paltform.


Feelium offers a tokenized platform that will allow contractual transactions to become simpler and more secure. The platform eliminates the need for trust between buyers and sellers of products and services. By implementing the use of smart contracts, as well as an optional escrow account, the Feelium platform allows for secure and fast transactions. The Feelium token is the motor of the platform, and all transactions will occur by the use of this token. Users will receive a Quick Access Token, that is the key that allows token transfers and enables the user to move around the Feelium platform. The Feelium platform has a few unique features such as smart contracts with escrow, private key retrieval in the first phase of launch, and e-contracts on the blockchain. Feelium aims to be a one-stop trading platform that can be used by anyone, in B2B, B2C and P2P scenarios.


Q2 2017

Conception of Feelium

Q1 2018

Pre sale marketing launched on all Digital Media Platforms.

Q2 2018

Beta Test Phase of Platform and App Wallet Launch.

Q3 2018

Business Alliances to list Feelium on major global crypto exchanges.