All the social media, news, scores and stats are available in one placewhere fans get to choose the sports stars, leagues and clubs they want to follow. With AI-driven user experience news feed will be tailored to each fan’s needs and taste.

For every action on the platform fans get rewarded. Each like, share or content contribution is rewarded with FAN tokens. Fans collect them through a transparent bIockchain system, and can exchange them for special experience, merchandise, tickets or fiat.


The first sports community for fans, that covers the complete fan experience. Follow your favourite sports star, club or brand and get rewarded for engaging.


Q4 2016

Working MVP - Beta MVP web (R&D form /not live) under the name of 9inesports.

Q1 2017

Agreement with RCD Espanyol.

Q2 2017

Agreement with CF Reus.

Q3 2017

Joined Microsoft global sports innovation center.

Q4 2017

Reached 100k followers.

Q1 2018

Developing mobile App Version 1.0 (Android & iOS).

Q2 2018

Launching Beta Test App Version 1.0 (Android & iOS) & Rebranding to Fan360 and start running campaigns - for fans.

Q3 2018

Initial Coin Offer and Launching the FAN Token.

Q3 2018

Build user base of football fans: 20 stars with more than 200 Million followers combined engage in the first 2 months.

Q4 2018

Product upgraded with smart contract and contribution system.

Q1 2019

Minimally 7 million users engaged 1st partnership for selling of tickets and merchandise and B2B segment partnerships.

Q2 2019

Grow partnership with clubs, leagues and brands.

Q3 2019

User base: 15 million.