EZYcount’s mission is to help and support the  self-employed and small business owners with  their administrative tasks so they can focus on what matters  their business.  Administrative tasks are cumbersome, time-consuming and often prevent small  owners from focusing their time and energy on their business and their customers.  They can also be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking for those attempting these  tasks for the first time. “At EZYcount, we envisage accounting for the self-employed  and small business owners as being  automated and  decentralized” Accounting can and should be done automatically. By connecting to all sources of  accounting data such as bank accounts, payment systems, e-commerce websites,  and invoicing systems, EZYcount AI automatically completes these tasks, which  would take hours to do manually. Bookings are created automatically and fully  completed. Financial statements are available within a couple of clicks, and after  analysing your data, EZYcount AI will offer you tips to improve your financial  stability. What may seem like a pipedream to the millions of self-employed who struggle with  their admin tasks, is already  a reality. Now is the time to join EZYcount on its mission  to transform the world of bookkeeping through the power of AI. EZYcount is based on an innovative licensing model that uses Token  as a License (TaaL). The token represents a life long (99 years) software license for EZYcount  solutions. The token sale enables EZYcount to complete its development of EZYcount  AI to deliver fully automatic bookkeeping. The token sale also paves the way for a future EZYcount ICO. EZYcount will launch  accounting on the blockchain and ensure your accounting data is comprehensive and private, but available everywhere within your preferred apps (or dapps). It will  empower you to manage your data as you see it in a fully decentralized way. Furthermore, a new  range of business apps will connect to EZYcount to provide you  with leading edge business data access to ensure you have the best available data at  your fingertips. EZYcount supports strong data ownership laws that truly protect individuals and  ensure they have complete ownership of their data. Through decentralisation  EZYcount helps to ensure you always have full ownership of your data to decide how  it should be used.


AI-Powered blockchain automation - no more manual work. We are a Swiss project with the aim to fully automate accounting on the blockchain backed by banks, fiduciaries and hundreds of customers. Accounting is currently manual and it should not be the case. EZYcount is build on an actual successful accounting solution and a network of banks, fiduciaires and customers in order to fully automate the last bit of manual work in accounting we will implement AI. We are different because we don't want to only automate accounting but we are creating the next automated financial assistant who is helping you to automate your accounting.


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