We are taking the innovative incentivized content creation and curation model established by Steem, customizing it, and applying it to one of the fastest growing and most proftable industries on the Internet – the online travel reviews industry. This is how Explorio works:

  • Users submit travel reviews;
  • Submitted content is peer-reviewed by other community members to verify reliability and published on the platform;
  • Users upvote/downvote content based on its helpfulness;
  • Content creators receive token rewards proportionate to how helpful the community deemed their content to be;
  • Users use tokens as utilities on our platform to incentivize answers to their questions, boost reviews of their establishments, etc., and to purchase various travel goods and services.


Our vision is to inspire and empower millions of people to travel the world. This is why we have brought together a team of avid travelers, technologists, and blockchain enthusiasts to launch Explorio - the world’s firstdecentralized tavel reviews platform that rewards its users for contributing and curating high-quality travel content. We believe that Explorio will bring more diversity, accuracy, and authenticity to online travel reviews by putting them on the blockchain.


Deploy reward calculation algorithm and smart contracts

Beta version

Public platform launch

Review boosting functionality

Q&A platform

Digital goods marketplace

Worldwide expansion