At Eqwity, we aim to offer an ecosystem for encouraging industry smart regulation by putting the emphasis on fundraising/ICO market issues, decentralized company governance and company shares & trading. As blockchain enthusiats, we believe on decentralization by self-regulation. That's why we push the community to join our initiative for building a responsible market, safer for investors and project founders, without affecting its growth. The EQY ecosystem includes new concepts linked to solutions that will be deployed at different project phases. The first phase will introduce the new ICO standart that will fix the major  dysfunctions of the current version. The second phase will introduce the first platform for decentralizing blockchain company governance by giving back their voice to investors. In the same phase, the first decentralized exchange dedicated to company shares tokenization and trading will be launched. Finally, the last phase will give birth to the first incubator aiming to help blockchain startsups reaching a viable project and preparing their fundrasing stage. Let's discover them!


Eqwity is an ecosystem that encourages blockchain industry self-regulation by introducing the new ICO standard, decentralizing company governance and opening doors to tokenized shares trading. Powered by EOSIO. The first step will be to introduce the ICO.E a new ICO standard, meaning Initial Coin Offering + Equity Airdropping. An Equity Airdropping is a free distribution of company shares initiated by project founders for returning the trust to first-backers. The principle is simple, for each utility token purchased each investor receives a company share as a FREE « THANK YOU » GIFT. Having these company shares will give voting right in a decentralized company governance, as well as dividends. In short, our main goal is to empower blockchain industry self-regulation thanks to a decentralized ecosystem bridging onchain and offchain worlds.


Q1 2019

UX/UI RElease of ICO.E Web PLatform & Community Voice Mobile App + Company Organization Setup.

Q2 2019

ICO.E Web PLatform Beta Release + UX/UI Pelease of ICO.E Mobile App; Eqwity Code Publication on GitHub; First ICO.E. Public Campaign.

Q3 2019

Alpha Release of Community Voice Mobile App.

Q4 2019

ICO.E Web Platform V1 Release; Beta Release of Community Voice Mobile App + Alpha Release of ICO.E Mobile App.

Q1 2020

Release of Community Voice Mobile App V1 + Beta Release of ICO.E Mobile App.

Q2 2020

RElease of ICO.E Mobile App V1+Integration of Serenity Smart Assistant (Beta Version) on COmmunity VOice Mobile App; UX/UI RElease of BLockchain Stock Exchange + Starting Proof of Valiability Platform Development.

Q3 2020

Beta RElease of BLockchain Stock Exchange + Integration of Serenity Smart Assistant V1 on Community VOice Mobile App; Setting up of "The Block" Facilities + Mentors Team Recruitment.

Q4 2020

BEta RElease of Proof of Viability Platform + First call for Auditors Application; BLockchain Stock Exchange Release; The Block Opening Ceremony + First Call for Blockchain application.