Use the best of blockchain and AI technology to create a frictionless system of global trade finance. Transactions with Envoy will be faster, more cost-effective and safer than ever before. The Envoy ecosystem will finally unlock the trillions of dollars worth of assets that are trapped within the finance system and bring new streams of liquidity via a marketplace of financiers and invoices using private ledger enhancement.


The disruptive trade finance marketplace, built to better global commerce, powered by blockchain. We have unified the old with the new by creating an interoperable platform that is both legacy system compatible and blockchain-agnostic. Bringing together the siloed systems used by different stakeholders around the world, simplifying supply chain processes and dramatically increasing liquidity, Envoy will transform the way businesses and investors interact through advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, superior automation and by championing cross-border collaboration. off platform settlement on corda private ledger for private safe transactions. Envoy upgrading the way the world trades for economic growth on blockchain.


October 2017

Creation of Envoy Platform Concept

January 2018

Team and strategic partners initiated

February 2018

Smartym development team initiated

August 2018


September 2018

Private sale Round A 30% Private sale Round B 20%

October 2018

Pre sale Public Round A 20% Pre sale Public Round B 10%

November 2018

Public Token Sale

Q4 2018

Wallet deployment Token issuance Exchange listing Exchange listing 2

Q2 2019

Beta testing

Q3 2019

Platform deployment with asset class 1 Create Asset Class 2 & 3 Integrate additional underlying blockchain interoperability Ensure Ratings System deployment

Q4 2019

Create Asset Class 4 & 5(other asset classes to follow asap) ENgage Engine Deployment

Q1 2020

Begin pluggin in third party Security-Tokenized Funds