Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network is an economical concept offering an excellent combination of the best Internet services with all their advantages and the economic integration of all users and customers. Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network (short: ELC) is the world's first andonly all-in-one community where all users (members) automatically participate inthe advertising revenue and the integrated cryptocurrency blockchain network, receive purchase discount or optional purchase price refunds of up to 80% (ideally up to 100%), sales & shopping commissions, usage rights of shares and all services such as advertisements, auctions, crowdfunding and more for free. The way to success for all interested parties, individuals as well as businesses only needs the one-time registration and the invitation of friends as with any other community or similar platforms. Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network is mainly an all in one service platform to ease up the life of individuals as well as to improve and simplify business of the self-employed and companies, respectively help them to increase their sales in the simplest and most cost-effective way. ELC is a fully completed framework for members. The content of the platform (community, shop, blog, etc.) will-besides the inserts of ELC itself (products, services, content, tournaments, etc.)-primarily be filled by the members. Thus, the content as well as the product and service offers will increase continuously with the increasing number of members.


EASY LIFE COIN | ESY the new significant and meaningful cryptocurrency automatically offers all users an "UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME" and "100% PURCHASE PRICE REFUNDING" wherever, whenever, whatever they buy and and how high the price may be. EASY LIFE COIN, trade code ESY is offered by the EASY LIFE COMMUNITY & BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK, operated by the HUMAN ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS HOLDING INTERNATIONAL INC. and the HUMAN ECOLOGY BUSINESS EUROPE LTD.



Design and development of the concept of the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network

2017 / 18

Development and activation of the site of the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network. The platform is already released in a beta version and usable: www.easylifecommunity.com or www.elc.network

Spring 2018

Development of the smart contract for the cryptocurrency Easy Life | ESY and testing it

May 1st, 2018

ICO Pre-Sale: 05-01-2018 - 05-13-2018 Main Sale 05-14-2018 - 06-20-2018

June - September 2018

Establishment of the new headquarters in the USA including offices, warehouses and a dispatch center, as well as start of selection and hiring of further key employees.

Q3 2018

Official start of the business in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland including the respective marketing, the further expansion of the platform and the implementation of the most interesting and future-oriented blockchain developments.

Q3/Q4 2018

Easy Life Payment Card, secure USB Wallet and implementation of useful own and external blockchain services.

Q4 2018 / Q1 2019

Purchase of an US universal bank or application for an US universal banking concession and combination with the ELC business, Easy Life blockchain and ESY cryptocurrency.


Further development of the platform and the service in the Spanish, Italian, French language and marketing in the respective countries. Q1 - Q2 2019: IPO in the USA – coin investors may buy stocks with their coins.