Eastads Credits


Eastads Nigeria is a hybrid marketplace powered by local and crypto currencies. By hybrid we mean that Eastads has both an online store with ordering system and a well-built p2p marketplace. By powered by local and crypto currencies we imply these:

1. Users publish sales in exchange for Naira (Local currency) or allowed crypto currencies. As of now we integrated the following coins into our market. BTC, ETN, ECR.

2. Payment for Eastads services is done through Local currency or crypto-currency.

3. Also users can choose to pay for products sold by Eastads merchants with crypto-currency.

4. Due to cases of fraud and deception amongst digital goods sellers and buyers, we created a FIAT- CRYPTO escrowed group of crypto traders. We intend to launch or buy our own delivery services in Q1 2019 and will be powered by local currency payment and Eastads CREDITS payments. For every buyer that successfully buys items form merchants on Eastads, we will send rewards tokens in any of the crypto available on our marketplace.


Eastads project is bringing blockchain payments and price options to African e-market with our proposed ‘Hybrid Marketplace’ powered by blockchain. A project of its kind in Africa, one pushing for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and at same time introducing a better, faster, easier and more profitable scheme of buying and selling to the trillion dollar eCommerce industry in Africa. Already running the new startup marketplace Eastads Nigeria, Eastads has commenced token sales as they seek to upgrade and increase the scale of our project to reach a wider audience. Eastads will solve scalability and trust issues in cryptocurrencies which in turn will solidify the push of mass adoption. The Eastads project will also bring in new money from investors into the cryptoverse as trust issues are solved. The Eastads Project can be grouped into three(3). The African Marketplace: According to the model released by the founder, this marketplace wil be an A2P and P2P integration with blockchain payments and price options. Blockchain logistics network: A logistics network to support the Eastads marketplace. Fiat exchange- A cold wallet Fiat crypto Exchange for direct buying and selling of ECR on a P2P integration.


Q1-Q2 2018

Technical and strategy development; Marketplace Release; Escrow telegram group; Token Creation.

Q3 2018

ICO & AIRDROP ICO; Airdrop; Exchange Listing; Marketing.

Q3-Q4 2018

Implementation Full implementation of project & growing our marketplace.

Q4 2018

Logistic Launch Launch of Delivery & Logistic Platform.

Q1 2019

Mobile App Android and iOS Mobile app release.

Q2 2019

EASTADS Africa Marketplace for Africa powered by blockchain.