DST Ecosystem Model DST aims to build a silver mining ecosystem characterized by joint creation, integration, co-existence and joint consultation. The  evelopment of the mining industry is the process of the continuous extension of the industrial chain and the continuous evolution of the ecosystem. The development of the silver mining ecosystem will bring a breakthrough and subversive development of new kinetic energy for the progress of the industry and the win-win cooperation. DST is committed to build new mining ecosystem, expand science and technology, resources, funds, brands, public relations and investor relations, and contribute greatly in the promotion for the prosperity and development of silver with complementary advantages and evolutionary upgrading. DST's Building a Silver Ecosystem with Blockchain Silver mineral resources are heavy asset resources. It's always been a topic of discussion within the industry of how to make the resources flow and liquidate. On the basis of the international silver retailing industry, DST will create a silver ecosystem with the help of blockchain technology, so as to digitize the industrial resources, make the assets circulate, and further promote the industrial evelopment and innovation. Significance of Blockchain in DST's Silver Ecosystem:

  •  To digitalize silver mining industry with blockchain so as to enhance its liquidity and obtain cash flow.
  • To track origin of mineral products with blockchain so as to ensure its uniqueness and exclusiveness can't be tampered.
  • To increase financial service abilities of the industry, the payment application of the industrial chain and the applied scenarios.
  • To promote relevant cultural projects with blockchain community, expend marketing and commercial channels and to increase competitiveness.
  • To increase subjects appreciated by the public and investors.
  • Advantages of DST’s Innovative Business Model:
  • Whole industrial chain of silver mining, centralized mining, manufacturing, purchase, processing, sales, warehousing and logistics; integrated operation of flows of goods, transaction, capital and information to allow lower cost and optimized profits.
  • Breaking traditional sales model through Internet + multiple application scenarios, establishment of a huge cross-industry sales channels both online and offline to improve sales of silver products.
  • Multi-exchange mode to achieve gradual price discovery 4. Integrated big data service platform to make the industry chain business online, forming industrial big data, providing financing and operation solutions for upstream and downstream enterprises, and establishing business ecosystem for silver industry.
  • Creating earnings of the listed company.

  • Intro:

    DST is a decentralize silver ecosystem with underlying blockchain technology, utilizing smart contract protocol to allow traditional silver mining industrial to digitize the industrial resources, increase assets circulation and production efficiency, as well as increasing the credibility of quality assurance through credible and sophisticated verification process and warranty card certification.



    1st Phase of DST Ecosystem.

    January 2018

    Establishment of Company.

    March 2018

    Establishment of Blockchain Technology Module.

    April 2018

    Establishment of DST Foundation and the Beginning of the Private Offering.

    September 2018

    Listed on International Exchange Platforms.

    March 2019

    Initiate First Phase of DST DAPP Project, expected to be completed within Six months.

    September 2019

    Initiate Second Phase of DST DAPP Project, expected to be completed within Six months.

    June 2020

    Initiate Third Phase of DST DAPP Project, expected to be completed within Twelve months.