Dein Anteil


Our vision is to create usable, efficient and sustainable global real estate service and security solutions based on innovative blockchain technology. Our solutions are aimed at everyday users, businesses of all sizes, as well as local, state and federal governments. At the same time, we want to help to create a better world for everyone, especially the underprivileged. We are strongly focused on social responsibility and philanthropy. Dein Anteil will use its influence and global community to bring about change to those who need it the most. Improving living standards in developing countries, advocating for equal rights, and protecting the environment are among our core values. Dein Anteil upholds the highest ethical and legal standards and considers the protection of user assets its most critical mission.


Dein Anteil is the first ecosystem of the tokenized real estate and rent. For all kinds of real estate: commercial, land, standard, elite. Tokenized real estate one of the best ways of using blockchain system for its transparent, faster transactions, KYC and others. Tokenization of real estate takes place on special protocols created by our experts, the essence is that a certain amount of DAT is calculated for the value of a property, so the owner gets even more than from the traditional sale, as all commissions go to DAT and all jurisdictional issues are resolved by Dein Anteil experts.


Q1 2018

Core Concept Development.

Q2 2018

Dein Anteil Platform Aipha Release.

Q3 2018

Token Sale.

Q4 2018

Dein Anteil Platform Beta Release.

Q1 2019

Mobile App Development.

Dein Anteil Platform Goes Live.

Q3 2019

Adding Property.

Q4 2019

Dein Anteil Protocol Promotion.


Registration In Jurisdictions.


Dein Anteil Platform is the #1.