DataXchain will initiate a new era of Data Liberalism, which we believe is the most important value in the transition to the Intelligent Information Society. In order to facilitate this paradigm shift, we hereby present DataXchain, our Decentralized P2P Data Trading Service, to the wider world.

DataXchain believes that the aim of the Intelligent Information Society is to provide ultimate efficiency to all mankind, based on the new values created on the ICT foundation, by delivering intelligent technology and innovation to the general public. The data flowing through the information communication network around the world represents a fundamental resource to our society. However, under our current industrial system, data is locked within centralised systems and services, generally represented by a handful of social media and internet portals. Our personal data has been harvested by these Data Giants to generate profits or satisfy their own interests.

DataXchain will change the current data game and enable Data Liberalism through DataXchain, a novel ‘Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service’. Leveraging the DataXchain Platform, all the information of DataXchain’s partners and users will be connected, integrated and managed equally and fairly


DataXchain is “Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service”. DataXchain provides a tailored-matching service between Data Owner and Data User with our unique “Intelligent Matching Engine (IME)”


June 12, 2018

ToBeLet Establishment.

Q2 2018

DataXchain Teaming.

Q4 2018

Private ICO. Pre-ICO / Main ICO. Token Issue. Alpha Build.

Q2 2019

Beta Build.

Q3 2019

Soft Launch.

Q4 2019

DataXchain Full Service Open.