CVerification is a blockchain-based recruitment and background verification platform that solves multiple problems. On the one hand, it provides a modern, distributed and secure system on which every user can store a verified testimony of his professional achievements and share it with all potential employers. On the other hand, it gives employers the ability to accept new recruits based on verified information, effectively eliminating the need for background check services.

This way, employers can make informed and safe recruitment decisions and identify the most-qualified candidates before going ahead with the selection process. The platform allows businesses to safeguard their organization and applicants to improve their application credentials.

On top of this, CVerification offers powerful tools for corporations and recruitment consultants, which will enable the efficient search for potential candidates and the successful analysis of different markets and industries, revealing important insights about the relevant employment market. Apart from CVerification, third-party providers will be able to develop analytics tools, integrating them into the platform and reaping profits.

CVerification has the potential to make the whole background check industry obsolete by optimizing existing HR processes and contributing to society. This industry achieves combined annual revenues of $2bn. However, CVerification’s market is much bigger.

CVerification is the next-generation background check platform. It is blockchain-based, which makes possible the secure and direct exchange of employment and educational references in an ecosystem with three main parties: previous employers and educational institutions, applicants, and potential employers. Apart from employment references, the core functionality of the CVerification platform will include the verification of academic degrees, certificates, diplomas, professional certifications and licenses.


Blockchain-based Recruitment and Background Verification Platform: The future of CV, certificate, and record exchange.


Q2 2017

Project Start-Up. Opportunity identification. Market research & validation. Business model & processes. Product conception.

Q3 2017

Commitment. Webpage & first whitepaper. Requirements fine-tuning. Mockup. Legal entity CVerification Ltd.

Q4 2017

Technology Plan. Technology evaluation. Software architecture design. Team enlargement. ICO listing.

Q1 2018

Validation. Base technology validation. ICO campaign. Whitepaper update. Press releases & interviews.

Q2 2018

ICO & Prototype. ICO launch. Community involvement. Prototype. Business partners. ICO launch.

Q3 2018

MVP & Dev. Launch 1st BigchainDB node. Basic features implementation. UI/UX. User authentication scheme. CVER token exchange listing. ATS & HRS partners. Dev team enlargement. Targeting industries.

Q4 2018

β-Dev & Testing. Smart contract fee allocation. Payment integration. User & company authentication. Encryption fine-tuning.

Q1 2019

Start & Market. ATS & HRS API development. Migration to Ethereum Mainnet. Expanding features. Smart contract audits. Marketing campaign. Compliance processes. Onboarding universities. Onboarding new organizations.

Q2 2019

Full Launch. Refinement of features and UI. Documentation for API and platform usage. New use cases for CVER token.