Today, construction is one of the key branches of the economy of any developed country. The situation in the construction market in Europe is characterized by the willingness of the population and business to invest in real estate construction, repair, reconstruction, etc. Advanced technologies in building and finishing premises can significantly affect the standard of living of the population. Investments in the construction industry will ensure the expansion, reproduction and maintenance of capital. So, we decided to start a project to develop the construction industry in Western Europe. And start with Switzerland. Why Switzerland? It's simple. Because Switzerland is a convenient geographical location, a perfectly integrated economy, a rare loyalty to investors, support of investment projects - all these are favorable conditions for business development. This is one of the few countries that practically did not suffer from the global financial crisis. A country with a high standard of living and great opportunities. Investments in Switzerland are strongly supported at the tax and legislative levels. A simple registration procedure, according to European standards, low tax rates and small social contributions. The construction industry in this country has traditionally been the benchmark for the introduction of advanced technologies, professionalism and reliability.


For a beginner entrepreneur, CustomCoin platform is an indispensable resource, the functionality of which will allow managing the entire cycle of negotiation with the customer: Customer search.Sign contracts. Providing a loan to start work after sign contract. Assistance in the purchase / rental of necessary tools and equipment. Monitoring compliance with the conditions of the contract. In addition, Custom Coin Platform is the labor exchange for firms and the placement of the order to the investor. From the consumers ' point of view, CustomCoin Platform is a great tool for search, selection and payment of construction services. Consumers will receive a maximum of information about the services they need, the cost and timing of work. Using our platform implies complete transparency, where each user can control their transaction to ensure that the price is calculated correctly and the payment has reached its recipient.


August-September 2018

The start of PreSale ICO

September 2018

Preparing the project for launch. Search for an optimal exchange. Legal justification. Tax Optimization

October 2018

The start of ICO Sale

November 2018

Listing on the exchange

December-January 2018

The launch of the platform. The regestration of the Actien Gesellschaft and the union of two legal entities. Registration of activities under the legal norms.

December 2018

Exit to the Swiss market. Issuance of the first loans. Beginning of redemption of tokens from the exchange

December 2018-January 2019

The growth of the token is 1.5 times. Exit to German, and then to the Austrian market

February 2019

Growth of a token in 2.5 times

March 2019

Platform decentralization. Providing the possibility to issue loans to third-party users of the platform. Accelerating token growth.


Growth of the token by 3-4 times

Mid-to-late 2019

The growth of the token is 5-6 times. Going beyond Europe.