Cryptoya (CRA) is a digital financial system based on open source platform. (CRA) is Based on ERC 20 technology. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency, That means that the following of the transaction parties will be impossible, transferring CRA will be possible to anywhere in the world by everyone. Using peer to peer network, the transactions are directly between the users with no interfering of other parties or sharing information with anyone else. The transactions can be followed by the transaction parties using Ethereum blockchain technology.


CRA Tokens are well worth your time and money, this revolutionary and innovative financial infrastructure that we have created, is ready to make a change is in the world! Every nation deserves the same rights on buying any merchandise or having a sustainable banking system. Cryptoya grabs this opportunity and makes everything available and easily access for everybody all over the world.


Q4 2017

Preparations and studying the market and regulations in each targeted country Research on payment option in the middle east –Africa –Asia. Basic agreement with a virtual visa card providers. International and national regulation research to able to operate across many regions / nations o Releasing the white paper

Q1 2018

Lunching the Cryptoya website. Marketing and advertising oStart ICO. Open Cryptoya operation base – Netherlands. Starting Generating a special system for the scratch code.

Q2 2018

Listing on exchange’s Cryptoya aim to be listed at a major exchanges as Bittrex, Poloniex and Binance. Launching android and IOS app. Upgrade CRA site. Delivering using the mail in the EU available. Open applyment for our local agency in the middle-east.

Q3 2018

Payment using the Apple/google credits is active. Opening the first local CRA agent. Start developing a CRA Blockchain. First global meeting – middle-east. Start our First sell point for CRA scratch cards on the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

Q4 2018

Scratch cards are available in at least 3 countries in the midden –east. Starting our SMS service. Launching Virtual visa card.

Q1 2019

Scratch cards are available in middle - east. Our SMS service are now available in the most country’s in Asia – Africa and Europe. At least 10 local local agent.