Cryptoloans solves the next problems: Investors do not have enough instruments to hedge the risks associated with buying the cryptocurrency Creditors are deprived of the guarantees of return their funds 3.5 billion people do not have money to buy one bitcoin Traders do not have enough instruments for market analysis Traders deprived of the tools to create trading systems without programming skills Our services: The purchase of cryptocurrency on credit
The sale of cryptocurrency on credit
The designer of trading algorithms
Automatic cryptocurrency trading
Cryptocurrency exchange
Market history service


Cryptoloans – is the first blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cryptocurrency. We are the first who created the solution for guarantee the return of the creditor`s cryptocurrency funds or its declared value. Our project solves a lot of global problems in the areas of investments in cryptocurrency, P2P-lending, trading on financial markets, cryptocurrency exchange and algorithmic trading. Our solutions will allow to democratize the cryptocurrency market and stop further monopolization of this market. Our platform is intended to continue the cryptocurrency expansion among all sections of the population of the Planet, regardless of their social status and regalia.


October 2017

Formation the concept of secure P2P-crediting

November 2017

December 2017

Publication of the Whitepaper

January 2018

The start of the advertising campaign

February 2018

Launch of the Cryptoloans Forum

March 2018

The first round of selling LoanCoin tokens

April 2018

The start of the platform development

June 2018

Development of the smart contracts for secure P2P-crediting

July 2018

Platform and blockchain integration

September 2018

Launch of the basic services in the Cryptoloans platform on the test mode: the first transactions on the platform and the first commission incomes.

October 2018

The start of the advertising campaign Publication of the financial results of the Cryptoloans platform for the first month of operation and forecast for further development

November 2018

The main round of selling LoanCoin tokens

December 2018

The start of development of additional platform functionality

February 2019

Database of the market history

June 2019

Designer of trading algorithms and the automatic trading

July 2019

Launch of the additional services of the Cryptoloans on the test mode

September 2019

Official launch of Cryptoloans Exchange

October 2019

The start of the advertising campaign Publication of Cryptoloans financial results

November 2019

The last round of selling LoanCoin tokens

January 2020

The start of the advertising campaign for the Cryptoloans promotion

March 2020

Release of mobile apps for iOS and Android

July 2020

API for connecting external liquidity

September 2020

API for connecting trading algorithms