Crypto Circle eXchange


In recent years, the cryptocurrency world has experienced such an enormous and explosive growth that existing cryptocurrency exchanges are unable or capable of keeping up with the demand. There are more cryptocurrency traders in the world buying and selling coins than ever before. In 2017, the increasing number of new customers’ registration had reached to the point where cryptocurrency exchanges were unable to handle new user sign ups, often making customers wait days on end for their accounts to be approved which made it difficult, time consuming, and ultimately frustrating for customers to get any kind of responsive support. This topped with the fact that these same exchanges are masquerading around like they are keeping user funds and data safe and secure. “Thus far in 2018, $760 million in crypto has been stolen from exchanges such as Bitgrail, Coincheck, Bithumb, and countless others. Each day, news turns up of a new way crypto exchanges are being hacked.”

It seems that there are no crypto exchanges, big or small, that can keep the customers’ funds safe and secure. We, on the other hand, with our team, have created a cryptocurrency exchange that has quick and easy new user registration, a simple and powerful user interface with comprehensive easy to use tools for the novice, as well as the professional crypto trader. It is an incredibly safe, secure, and tested crypto exchange that has the customer’s best interests in mind, when it comes to data, security, customer service, trading tools, convenience and UI (User Interface) design.


Crypto Circle X is powered by a superior technological algorithm that is capable of high performance trading with over 10 million transactions per second, A.I. bot, auto-trading, professional charts with technical analysis, trading alerts, and much more, in a user friendly and responsive interface or in our specially designed mobile app.


Q3 2017

Research of Market and Analysis. Concept of Exchange . Survey of Exchange traders.

Q4 2017

Research of Market and Analysis Concept of ICO Utility token.

Q1 2018

Research of Market and Analysis. Build of Start-up team.

Q2 2018

Technical Research and Background Start Development. of Exchange Engine. Recruit Core Team.

Q3 2018

Launch Exchange platform Demo. Recruit Advisors. Private Sale. White Paper Release v1 Community Building.

Q4 2018

Crowd Sale. Launch Exchange platform Beta for select few. Rollout Features for testing. Stress test and troubleshoot any issues Security testing.

Q1 2019

Launch Exchange platform v1 with limited number of users and add more gradually. Rollout features. Troubleshoot any issues with add-on features and premium features. Android app rollout.

Q2 2019

More feature roll outs. Starting process of voting in new ICO tokens. IOS app rollout.

Q3 2019

Continued Testing of Exchange Security. Voting for Listing New ICO tokens Adding new Trading Pairs.