Venture capital investment in startups seeks to reinvent the world by developing  breakthrough technology, and generating billions of dollars in the process. Yet, the process for raising venture capital itself has been relatively stagnant. This is set to change with the introduction of Blockchain technology to the process. Using Blockchain will provide the VC sector with a much more liquid fund by issuing digital security tokens that can be traded in major cryptocurrencies exchanges. This process also offers the investor benefits stemming from a more robust investment process with greater diligence, as well as the ability to diversify outside of the cryptocurrencies world into other emerging tech sectors, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security, and many more. As a venture capital firm, Crowdnext uses Blockchain technology to raise funds to fill the gap in the current tech market industry that exists where many companies find themselves to be too large for seed or angel investors, but not quite ready to pursue a series A funding round or an ICO. By focusing on startups in this gap, it is much easier to identify the ones that are most likely to reach a successful A Round or ICO within 12-18 months. When these companies are funded at that moment, they become secure in knowing they will be able to reach the next financing event and the investment has the opportunity to increase its valuation 4-7x in a relatively short time – much shorter than with a traditional VC investment. This principle will transform the industry while also making VC funds much more inclusive (within a regulatory framework), which will attract billions of additional investment dollars to VC.


Crowdnext is a Next Generation Crowd Venture Capital powered by Blockchain Technology. Crowdnext vision is to develop Blockchain technologies to disrupt the venture capital Sector with the first of its kind of liquid and comprehensive VC fund, The mission of the company is set on the new age of digital currency. Crowdnext has made Venture Capital accessible to any investor, unlike traditional Venture Capital is restricted accredited investors Blockchain is experiencing an exponential growth stage. It currently meet at a division position, at a key stage between Innovation and Early Adoption. The sector consequently presents unique opportunities for forward-thinking investors. Crowdnext combines the best of Finance & Technologies.


Q1-Q2 2018

Development of Alpha version of CNXT platform; Front End Design; Project Search and Backing of Project; Project Application and Review; User Account Management and Verification; Transaction logging; Initial Design for Ethereum Smart Contract to use for CNXT Projects CNXT Private Fundraising Portal & Marketing Campaign for ICO.

Q3 2018

Private Sale with a 50% discount CNXT Token opens for one-month duration. This discount is available only for the private sale.

Q4 2018

Integrate CNXT platform with Ethereum smart contracts via creation of web service API Enhancement to User Interface based on initial user group feedback; Completion of Service Marketplace, where project creators can build a team for their project.

Q1 2019

Completion of Rating and Review function for CNXT platform users; Beta Testing with initial group of users & Soft Launch with a few projects; Form Partnership with Crytocurrency exchanges, e.g. Bittrex,, EtherDelta and Cryptopia, to provide external listing and liquidity for individual project tokens issued via CNXT Platform.

Q2 2019

Launch Crowd Venture Fund Launch Global CNXT marketing campaign and user acquisition promotion to reach out to as many potential customers as possible. Partner with leading legal firms to allow us to provide basic legal advice for project creators using CNXT; Develop legal agreements templates; Completion of Internal Marketplace for Token Trading; Completion of Internal Crytocurrency wallet to store tokens and Ethereum.

Q3 2019

Complete Development for Smart Contracts using Hashgraph.

Q4 2019

Complete Mobile App for CNXT.