94% of all transactions in most emerging markets are done using physical cash. As a result, the bulk of the economic activities that go on in these regions occurs at the subsistence level and are done primarily offline through traditional outlets. This creates huge problems for companies trying to determine consumer behaviour as a barometer to understand the dynamics of the market. It is of utmost importance to develop adequate strategies that can ignite growth in the emerging markets before they fall too far behind in the global economic narrative.

Underserved populations want affordable access to quality products and financial services. Companies, NGOs, startups, governments and blockchain companies are constantly looking for ways to effectively serve these markets.

CrowdForce uses mobile technology and the largest merchant agent network to help businesses, banks, digital wallets and exchange companies access the underserved population in emerging markets.

The aim of this white paper is to demonstrate the merits of the CrowdForce approach which creates a suitable framework that enables these companies scale to emerging markets. This approach will also bring about 100% increase in financial inclusion in the world in the next 5 years. By leveraging the enhanced transactional ecosystem and reduced cost-burden associated with blockchain implementation, CrowdForce seeks to provide a robust blockchain infrastructure for Market Research, Financial Inclusion and Digital Inclusion.


CrowdForce uses mobile technology and a network of field agents to help businesses, banks, Digital wallets, and exchange companies scale to the next billion underserved population in emerging markets. Backed by top silicon valley VCs including 500 startups and DraperDarkflow, we are developing a decentralized network of agent micro businesses to provide crypto and digital services to the mass market and drive mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in emerging markets


August 2016

Mobile Forms Launched in Nigeria.

January 2017

Mobile Forms Launched Merchant. Agent Network.

July 2017

Joined 500 Startups.

August 2017

Built Access to A Network of 100,000 Agents.

May 2018

CrowdForce Concept Development and Research.

August 2018

White Paper Release.

September 2018


December 2018

Token Generation Event.

Q1 2019

Mobile Apps Launch (Micro Tasks & Services).

Q2 2019

Market Drive Across Sub-Saharan African Countries.

Q3 2019

Expansion to Other African Countries.

Q4 2019

CrowdForce Blockchain Launch.

Q1 2020

Expansion to Middle-East and India.

Q3 2020

Expansion to Latin America and SE Asia.