The project was born to bring the e-commerce of creative assets to the Web 3.0 world through a decentralized platform, featuring token payments and storage of digital resources made available by freelancers. This initiative will let the customers to purchase their desired product through the CRAFTR payment system. The platform is targeted to freelancers and developers that want to get involved in a new form of global ecommerce – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way customers buy and sell digital goods. Vendors will offer their products made from their skills to customers that will be in search of the missing piece to proceed in a stuck point, or simply to learn about new skills. The marketplace will offer a wide range of assets like graphic design elements, sound design components or script files. The final product is targeted to be released in at least 5 months from the beginning of the process and we will find a way to encourage users to use our product through new interesting strategies. Within the web revolution, we want to contribute to its growth and this will take more foot in the near future. The blockchain is enabling us to bring old projects from Web 2.0 to the new world of 3.0 and restore their values. As long as the store is not released, interested parties will be able to participate in extra earnings through the Proof-Of-Stake.


CraftR project is born to bring the e-commerce to the next level. Our target is to build a decentralized P2P marketplace for freelancers that work in digital creative assets creation. We want to attract programmers, designers, and musicians, and give them the possibility to trade their creations in exchange of CRAFTR tokens. Customers will have access to a large collection of digital resources and find the missing piece or skill to build their desired Games, Websites, Apps, Illustrations, Movies, or Soundtracks.


September 2017

CraftR Platform Development (1st Stage)

October 2017

CRFT coin creation

November 2017

Social Network Marketing

December 2017

Project Marketing & Promotions

January 2018

Website Redesign

February 2018

Team Expansion Swap Stage

March 2018

Token Sale Marketplace Development (2nd Stage)

Q2 2018

Functional Marketplace Release Mobile App Release Official Wallets Release

Q3 2018

Marketplace Reward System Integration

Q4 2018

Standalone IDE Development


Standalone IDE Release