COTI is building a base protocol that is built for payments from the ground up. Merchants using us will enjoy a better bottom line since they'll be able to process more transactions and to pay less fees. Consumers using COTI will have a great user experience, mixing the best of traditional payments with the best of digital currencies. COTI innovated using DAG for payments, built a generative Trust Chains algorithm that is used to achieve consensus and has introduced the Mediators, to decentralize payments dispute resolution. COTI will be able to process 10,000 transactions per second, has signed an exclusive partnership with to get access to over 10,000 merchants and applied for a DLT license in Gibraltar. Our team includes veterans of the payments industry and Blockchain experts. Our team of advisors consists of the founders of, former CEO of Investec bank, CIO of Blackrock and esteem group of professionals


COTI is building a decentralised and scalable payments network that will facilitate efficient global commerce by creating a reliable, instant and low-cost payment solution. This will further bolster the growth of mobile payments and on-demand markets, in addition to enabling the mass adoption of digital currency payments. COTI will set the standard for a payments network in the mobile era that is trust driven, cost-effective, scalable and supportive of a multi-currency wallet by combining cutting edge distributed ledger technologies with the best of traditional payment solutions.


Q1 2018

Wallet. Processing tools (API). Exchange.

Q2 2018

Trust scoring prototype. Listing XCT on 3rd-party exchanges. Processing tools (iFrame).

Q3 2018

Trust scoring launch. Dynamic fees prototype. Automated market-maker launch.

Q4 2018

Dynamic fees launch. Decentralized mediation prototype. Virtual debit card launch. Ledger broadcasting launch.


Decentralized mediation launch. Hedging service launch. Recurring billing launch. Trust Scoring SDK launch. Mediation SDK launch. COTI Fund. Wallet integration with POS (via NFC).


Expansion of merchant services. Migration to drivechain (or similar). Migration to decentralized governance model.