COSX is a loyalty based reward token which utilises smart contract technology and which can be redeemed for treatments and products in exchange for highly valued customer feedback forming a verified peer feedback database.
The goal of the iConsult token sale (“Token Sale”) is to convert iConsult’s business into a decentralized token-based trusted ecosystem that will enable and promote better care for patients, whilst rewarding practitioners with additional
opportunities by virtue of patient feedback and ratings. COSX will reward and encourage best practice behaviours and the adoption of our core values, and is intended to change the way the consumer engages with cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures for the better. Specifically the feedback and rating system, together with the requirement for interaction between consumer and practitioner, should improve the trust between both parties and ensures a clearly defined and compliant pathway for treatment, thereby reducing complaints and possible future litigation.
New customers can book treatments or buy products with fiat currency and existing customers can choose to pay in fiat currency or COSX
●● Patient Safety
●● Practitioner Directory
●● Booking facility
●● Treatment Information/education
●● Patient access to all encrypted files, images and information relating to them
●● Transparent feedback
●● Once on the blockchain, neither patient data nor feedback can be modified or manipulated
●● Permanent encrypted medical data storage
●● Patients will have access to the rating and feedback of each surgeon/practitioner and can base their decision of which to go to on the provided information.
●● Patients/Consumer Forum
●● Consumer Marketing Opportunity
●● COSMECOIN as a trusted token for use in the industry.


iConsult Software Limited has developed an ERC20 token which will run on the Ethereum blockchain for use within the cosmetic and aesthetic medical beauty sector. The token will be used as a means to connect patients and consumers with trusted partners, recording the process, protecting all parties and rewarding best practice and engagement with a Cosmecoin (COSX) token. Connect – Record – Protect – Reward. Cosmecoin (COSX) are reward based tokens which utilise smart contracts to reward patients/consumers and practitioners by providing a token which can be traded for products and/or treatments through our network of partners and brands thereby also encouraging customer loyalty to those participating partners and brands.


October 2012

Design concept of iConsult

November 2013

Release of iConsult v1.0. 32 new registration.

June 2014

First Australian Practice Joins iConsult

May 2015

Release of iConsult v1.5

July 2016

87 new registrations. VG Medispa joins iConsult

November 2016

Rebrand of iConsult v 2.5. iConsult partners with Enhance unsurance.

March 2017

First Carribean Clinic joins iConsult

June 2017

Won MFMB Award

July 2017

iConsult expands into Semi Permanent Make up with Theresa Wild

December 2017

Over 200,000 consultations performed with iConsultworldwide

January 2018

Over 61,000 clients registered on iConsult worldwide

May 2018

Token Presale. Development of iConsult and Blockchain Smart Contracts. Commence partner recruitment campaign.

June 2018

Recruit and build out. Token Public Sale.

July 2018

Release of iConsult 3MVP. Vigrate iConsult v2.5 onto blockchain.

Ongoing 2018

Continue to build community