Commit Good is a reward-based, charitable marketplace, fundraising, and philanthropic ecosystem built on the Ethereum platform. The team at Commit Good are dedicated to creating a system of giving that is transparent during all stages of the donation process. Commit Good will reward users for certain activities conducted through the Commit Good platform with the creation of the GOOD token. These tokens will be valued as blockchain assets as their utility will be defined through incorporation of key features and rewards. GOOD tokens will be used for marketplace transactions, fundraising, donations, and last mile delivery. GOOD tokens will adhere to the ERC20 token standard. ERC20 is a widely accepted token standard in the Ethereum ecosystem and exchanges that will facilitate rapid adoption. GOOD tokens will be generated with full transparency on the Ethereum blockchain platform. This will enable users to track their donations in GOOD tokens from wallet to organization.


Charitable giving in a transparent manner utilizing blockchain technology. Specific transactions can be rewarded with GOOD tokens to create a reward-based economy. Promote and recognise charitable organizations in your area and on a global scale. Hyper-local buying and selling of goods with a portion of each sale going to your favorite charity. Charities can receive donations directly or create fundraising campaigns for worthy causes. Earn GOOD tokens by making deliveries on behalf of local charities.


Q1 2018

Initial Token Distribution Event scheduled for March 6, was successful with the Cap reached March 5th.

Q2 2018

Launching the Commit Good Token distribution event under a private placement offering and listings on the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Q4 2018

Beta version of the Commit Good charitable marketplace

Q2 2019

Further development to increase amount of transactions usability and throughput of the platform with all features like templates for donation campaign, communication tools for users, explorer with tracking capabilities. Fully functional mobile first web app completed and released.