Every month, more than 100 new ITO(ICO) projects are launched, in which investors invest more than $500 million. The most reliable investments are in projects with a high degree of readiness. COFFE differs favorably from the majority: the main elements of the platform are deployed, or are in the pre-release stage. Crypto currency is unpredictable. COFFE creates an automated system of evaluation of potential or risks of crypto assets on the market, as well as new assets (ITO/ICO-projects) from the “idea” stage to the stage of readiness to enter the market. It is impossible to earn money on cryptocurrencies and people lose the belief in them. COFFE for the first time uses the tools with a guarantee of responsible management (iPACK, mPACK). In addition, COFFE creates a “trusted” environment for the start of new ideas and projects (COFFE ICO Standard) and provides the organizational and financial support. In the crypto market everyone is "for himself" and acts egoistic.COFFE unites the people, startups, professional traders, experts, analysts, tutors, crypto-sphere activists within one platform, regardless of their geographical location, place of residence, size of capital, experience in financial or investment sphere. On the basis of cooperation and mutual benefits. Cryptocurrencies are unsafe - the funds and datas of investors are constantly stealing from the exchanges. COFFE offers a solution with a high level of security, which is based on a new generation of blockchain with the high resistance to attacks and theft of funds. Attacks to a single application of COFFE blockchain cannot stop the entire network. The risk of DDoS attacks is minimized due to the constantly limited resource of a potential attacker (the user can use only a share of network proportional to his share of tokens). As a result, attacks become futile for the attacker (the potential benefits are lower than the costs).


Coffe is a platform that includes the infrastructure in which there is all the necessary tools for investing in cryptocurrency assets. Deployed Coffe platform is designed for small, medium and large investors, for traders and market analysts cryptocurrency. As well as the Coffe Platform is designed for owners of small, medium and large businesses wishing to deploy their blockchain-based technology infrastructure.


2017 - Development of the system

Q1 - Creating a project idea Q2 - The beginning of the development of the blockchain COFFE Chain (based on the technology of the blockchain EOS) - The beginning of the development of the exchange COFFE Exchange

2018 - Running and testing the system

Q1 - Launch of the test network of the COFFE blockchain (TestNet) Q2 - Testing of the exchange COFFE Exchange Q3 - The release of the White paper - Launch of the website COFFE.IO - Launch of a personal cabinet and a system of payments by CFF tokens at DASHBOARD.COFFE.IO (closed beta testing) - Launch of the main network of the blockchain COFFE (MainNet) Q4 - Launch of the COFFE Exchange - Listing of token COFFE (CFF) at the exchange COFFE Exchange - Launch of the tool for asset management COFFE Pack - Launch of the referral program of the exchange COFFE Exchange - Running the system of payments through messengers and QR code

2019 - Start of the investment platform

Q1 - Start of the investment platform COFFE ICO Standard - Launch of the open API COFFE Ecosystem V.1.0 Q2 - Launch of the intelligent protocol COFFE Protocol - Launch of the tool for asset management COFFE iPack - Launch of the open API COFFE Ecosystem V.2.0 Q3 - Launch of the mobile application COFFE Ecosystem Mobile - Launch of the open API COFFE Ecosystem V.3.0 Q4 - Launch of the desktop applications at COFFE Ecosystem - Listing of the tool COFFE Index Top on the exchange COFFE Exchange - Launch of the open API COFFE Ecosystem V.4.0