Cloudbric is an award-winning web security vendor based out of Singapore with over 10,000 registered members, 50+ global partners/resellers, and 25 active data centers. Cloudbric will look to expand its security capabilities with the debut of its new patent pending deep learning technology, VISION, as well as the launch of a decentralized security ecosystem. In order to achieve this goal, Cloudbric will focus on the development of two (2) major projects. The first will be the launch of a new universal security platform that will provide all users access to an easy-to-use consolidated system for web security (Web Application Firewall, DDoS protection, and SSL encryption), mobile device security (malware protection, anti-virus, and anti-spam), as well as cryptocurrency asset protection (secure CLB wallet and crypto fraud prevention). Users who utilize Cloudbric services will have the power to advance Cloudbric's deep learning engine through the contribution of anonymous cyberattack logs, which will increase the overall intelligence and accuracy (lower false positives) of Cloudbric security for the wider community. Cloudbric will also implement a rewards-based system to allow users to earn free CLB tokens for their active contributions. The second project in development will be the launch of a new decentralized security database. All information compiled by the Cloudbric community will be made open and accessible as free to use tools on Cloudbric Labs (beta version available on Cloudbric hopes to build the world's largest comprehensive cybersecurity threat database to help spur innovation and more widespread adoption of security back to the community. Partnering organizations, security vendors, or governmental agencies may utilize Cloudbric's data sets to build their own proprietary tools and products through the purchase of custom APIs.


Cloudbric is a security platform that provides individual users a diverse suite of information security services free for personal use. Cloudbric is composed of 4 major security components: web security, device security, crypto asset security, and a decentralized security resource community, Cloudbric Labs. Cloudbric is a Decentralized Universal Security Platform that will provide an award winning suite of cybersecurity services utilizing a patented artificial intelligence based deep learning technology known as VISION. Cloudbric will also introduce a new decentralized cybersecurity ecosystem featuring an open and accessible security resource community and user powered security rewards program. Cloudbric hopes to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and artificial intelligence through its reverse ICO project.


Mid 2018

Deep Learning technology integration. Start of Security Rewards program through threat data contribution begins. Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Late 2018

Development of Universal Security Platform. Start of Security Rewards program through resource community begins.

Early 2019

Initial service launch of Universal SecurityPlatform. Expansion of Security Rewards Program. Decentralize security information on blockchain.

Late 2019

Expansion of Cloudbric’s Universal Security Platform.

Early 2020

Final release of Cloudbric’s Universal Security Platform. Final expansion of Security Rewards Program.

Late 2020

Begin conceptualization of IoT Security Platform.