Clash & GO is a mobile game that uses blockchain technology and combines several genres: a geolocation game in augmented reality (AR), and a city-building strategy game with real-time battles. By means of the CGO token created by our company, players will be able to manipulate the fusion of the virtual and the real world. Clash & Go goes far beyond what is normally found in mobile games. Unlike other city-builders and tower defense games, it is not constrained by the boundaries of the screen of the user’s smartphone. Clash & GO gameplay offers two gameplay modes: Strategic and AR (augmented reality). Simply put, the users continue to play even when their smartphones are off, and all of their previous actions affect the virtual world. The player’s task in Strategic Mode, is to use careful planning to command the base entrusted to him/her, and develop it so as not to allow other players to seize its resources. In AR-mode, Clash & GO uses geolocation, and turns the surrounding world into a real battlefield.


AR brings new and fresh experience, and dramatically changes the way we play mobile games. An ordinary walk in the park turns into a fierce struggle for survival and resources. Clash & GO offers a sophisticated yet easy-to-access fusion of genres, eliminating their down sides while blending familiar mechanics with top-notch technology.Dive into an infinite world of endless possibilities and rich AR gameplay. The fusion of Blockchain and AR enables players to transform and manipulate their virtual surroundings. Whenever you open Clash & Go, you don't know what surprises the dynamic, ever-changing world will bring.



Elyland founded


6 successful projects released


Creation of the AR platform

January 2017

Clash & GO development started

August 2017

Alpha version release

April 2017

Website launch with full ICO documentation

May 2018

Private presale

July 2018

Public presale

August 2018

Clash & GO Release

September 2018

Public Token Sale

October 2018

Going public on Exchanges

November 2018

Game update: Clan Wars

December 2018

Game update: parallel universes

February 2019

Game update: new levels for units and buildings

June 2019

Game update: new resource type, new types of buildings and units

September 2019

Game update: new galaxy