CitiCash is one of the world’s first cryptocurrencies that will enable the generalpublic to enter the world of modern digital money with ease. The awareness and also the actual use of cryptocurrencies and even is on the rise. People’swillingness to join the cryptocurrency movement faces resistance as the technology is not viewed as user-friendly and the terminology can appear to be overcomplicated. These are the reasons why we created CitiCash. This cryptocurrency can be used without any prior technical knowledge. CitiCash is not only easy to use but will also be available for payments both within and outside the crypto world. Payments in restaurants, retail stores, online retailers or other vendors, can be transcacted via debit card. Each debit card is connected to a particular wallet. Anyone with CitiCash coins in their wallet will be eligible to request a debit card. In addition, CitiCash is developing functions that will allow sending coins, receiving coins or trading coins on the coin exchange market – all in one place (within one wallet application). CitiCash will also allow its users to select a name for their wallet. This name (we call it the “Alias”) makes the identification of thewallet easier while the wallet’s security remains impenetrable. The Alias makes the original wallet address (a chain of 99 randomly generated characters) easy to remember. After the Alias is set, both the Alias and the wallet address remain valid and both can be used for coin transfers.


The total emission of CitiCash coins in the first 20 years will be 1 billion.

After this emission of 1 billion coins is mined, the algorithmic inflation will be activated, adding 2,103,840 coins into circulation every year. This will ensure that the total coin supply will not shrink due to coins being lost by their owners over time.

From the total initial emission of 1 billion coins, 865 million coins will be dedicated for mining and 135 million will be pre-mined.


First block is mined

We have mined the genesis block and therefore launched the CitiCash network.

Mining pool is launched

Mining pool is launched.

Blockchain Explorer is available

The blocks and the transactions are available to browse.

Desktop wallet is released.

We are releasing CitiCash wallets for a number of devices. The desktop wallet comes first.

Pre-Sale is launched.

We are launching a public CitiCash coin pre-sale. You can participate from 1st September.

3Q 2018

Web browser wallet is released. CitiCash wallet for internet browsers allows users to connect from anywhere at CitiCash websites.

4Q 2018

Mobile wallet apps are released. We are working on mobile wallet apps for iOS and Android devices.

2018 / 2019

Debit cards are linked to CitiCash wallets. CitiCash is developing a connection between its wallets and the already-existing technology of debit cards.