It is a global blockchain deployment service that allows companies and individuals to launch a blockchain, application, or ICO with minimum effort. We offer end-to-end blockchain services for NEM, Komodo, and Qtum.
The First Enterprise Focused Blockchain Deployment Company in LATAM Chainzilla became the first company to remove the barrier for other businesses that are beginning to engage with blockchain tech or are interesting in migrating altogether. It also is the first “Red-Hat” blockchain deployment solution for Komodo, NEM, and QTUM.
Usability of the Zilla Chain Our business model ensures that the Zilla chain will retain relevance and usability in the future. The Zilla chain will serve multiple purposes including as a second layer of dPoW, KV storage, voting, and as a medium of currency to pay for all of our services. These include app development, ICO management, KYC, payment processing, tokenization, and blockchain migrations.
Fair Distribution We will implement a hybrid airdrop system that will ensure a fair distribution of the ZILLA chain. We are distributing part of the supply via airdrops and through the ICO.
Community and Open Source Roots The company is built to complement the already established and growing cryptocurrency community. We are a team of active developers, activists, and blockchain specialists with backgrounds in various blockchain projects.
Provable Track Record Unlike most corporate ICO management services our team has a provable background in cryptocurrency development and we are highly active in the community.


ChainZilla is a company that streamlines blockchain development and deployment for various open source projects. We allows companies and individuals to launch blockchains, decentralized applications, and initial coin offerings with minimal effort. Our goal is to become the standard for Do-it-Yourself blockchain deployment and managed blockchain services. We offer end-to-end blockchain solutions and are collaborating with projects like NEM and Komodo Platform.


Second Quarter 2018

Unveil ChainZilla. Setup Legal Structure. Establish Partnerships with exchanges, security experts, and crypto communities to endorse ChainZilla. Initiate development of ChainZilla’s own Basilisk multi-wallet design for Komodo & its assetchains. Present our first official contract for tokenization and ICO.

Fourth quarter 2018

Komodo DIY. NEM Mosaics. ETH ERC20 DIY. ETH Migration Services. White Paper Development Services. Alpha Tests of ChainZilla’s multi-wallet for Komodo & all its assetchains.

First Quarter 2019

Launch a utility token that will be used to pay for some ChainZilla’s services such as Komodo notarizations, document storage (IPFS), voting, development services, and for key-value storage on the blockchain. ICO to fund second phase of the project. After a successful ICO, we will initiate an expansion of Chainzilla’s Chameleon multi-wallet extending wallet functionalities and updated UI. Begin development of the dICO dapp for all blockchains & ERC20. ChainZilla will expand upon the groundwork laid down by the AGAMA Multiwallet developers. These improvements will increase the usability of Komodo assetchains and extend wallet functionalities. Additionally it will provide users with a state-of-the-art user interface that can be relevant for years to come. PoS Altcoin DIY. Airdrop ICO Model.

Third Quarter 2019

Deliver new Chameleon Multiwallet UI and initiate peer-review. Deliver dICO dapp and initiate peer-review. Initiate Chameleon mobile design. ChainZilla will re-design an improved version of Agama Mobile Multiwallet. Present our first official ICO contract.

Fourth Quarter 2019

Initiate development for standalone Jumblr dapp. ChainZilla will fund the development of a new SPV based Jumblr service.

First Quarter 2020

Begin development of standalone whitelabel voting app. The dapp will allow users to “tune” into voting sessions and participate without having to install new software for each election held on the blockchain.