Our vision is a better and more sustainable future for road transportation. A future in which empowered drivers and users can benefit from a reliable, fair, transparent mobility marketplace. CarSmartt is a mobility company that is revolutionizing the transportation ecosystem.The platform allows drivers to earn a sustainable income and users to make significant savings during short and long trips. CarSmartt pools drivers and users together through its decentralized platform that offers earning/saving benefits to both parties. Thanks to its innovative blockchain technology enabled smart contracts, CarSmartt can ensure secure transactions, complete privacy and guaranteed payment. The company features a disrupting service, backed by a unique technology solution for a fast growing market. CarSmartt is building a democratic decentralized & emancipated mobility ecosystem with the following benefits: - Drivers earn significantly more, than current solutions, thanks to a transparent & fair flat fee pricing model.
- Users save money on transportation while being able to choose who they want to ride with, based on ratings or     costs. Short or long rides. For themselves or parcels.
- Car owners make money on their car when not in use it, by renting it to a trusted driver qualified by CarSmartt.
- Investors participate in the disruption of a highly profitable business model.
- The planet benefits from reducing the impact of cars on the environment.


CarSmartt is a U.S.based online marketplace for ridesharing that has been connecting drivers and users through a mobile application since early 2017. CarSmartt Inc. is a publicly traded entity under the ticket name CRSM on the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market. CarSmartt Inc. has developed an innovative, decentralized, carpooling application whose main purpose is to make short and long distance travel safe and affordable, while saving resources and connecting people along the way.


Q1 2017

o CarSmartt inc is founded o Public Listed on OTC Market o Team and strategic Partners Development o Business Strategy Development o Competitor Researching o is Online o Trademark registered

Q2 2017

o US Launch o User Targeting o Area Targeting o Package Features Release o Double Search Release o Research and Development o UFC Celebrity Endorsement o Development Team expansion

Q3 2017

o Launch of beta app o Orlando Driver Testing o Italy Expansion o Colombia Expansion o Mexico Expansion

Q4 2017

o Aitheon Partership o ICO Press Release o Building Marketing strategy Partership

Q1 2018

o 2000 users on the app o Aquisition of Mining Boys Inc o Blockchain Development Department Expansion

Q2 2018

o Begin of Blockchain Research o Begin of Blockchain Development

Q3 2018

o Start of ICO Pre-Sale o ERC20 Competition o Launch of Marketing & PR campaign for the ICO o Events in Moscow (Crypto Expo) and London (Blockchain Event)

Q4 2018

o Start of ICO main sale o Blog Portal Launch o Start of reward and ambassador Program o Events in New Delhi (World Blockchain Summit), Singapore (Crypto Expo), Miami (CRYPTO 1000), Las Vegas (CRYPTOBLOCKCON)

Q1 2019

o Begin Development for Blockchain Implementation on Carsmartt Software o Begin Development on Carsmartt 1.0 (Jack Your Ride, Subscription Plans, Data Sales to Third Parties, AI Driverless Technology) Events in Miami (Miami Keynote Convention) o Close of ICO

Q2 2019

o CarSmartt Release o Begin Testing for features implementation (Jack Your Ride, Subscription Plans, Data Sales to Third Parties, Blockchain transaction system).