Careonchain is a block chain-based crypto currency that will allow investors to trade on the Network for the future development in hybrid car technology. Careonchain will give a boost in the development in the technology of hybrid cars creating an immense opportunity to becoming a leading blockchain based network in the field of hybrid cars. Due to pollution and the price of fuel a alternative is a much needed thing to this world and hence hybrid cars sector will take a big growth by 2020. We are initially focused on the development of a hybrid car technology, which will help you for the production of low cost and high performance hybrid vehicles. In future REO coin will be used to upload any research work in block chain data and companies can also buy it through users by paying REO. REO primary goal is to become the world's largest multi-asset blockchain-based cryptocurrency network. Careon Chain is issuing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the REO. Funds raised as part of the ICO will be used primarily to acquire new users and research in the field of hybrid car. Only REO holders will be able to trade on the Careon Chain network. By choosing promoters, Careon Chain will be fair to the community. Promoters here, are the people who will be having the maximum number of references, investment and other promotional activities (social advice). Careonchain brings more than a decade of experience, a history of innovation and a strong portfolio of intellectual property to use on the careon chain network: all of which will allow it to exceed the goals outlined in our roadmap.


CAREON chain platform will unite all the research work from throughout the world and provide the best of it to automotive sector manufacturers. It is decentralize network that allows storage of all research work from college projects to Scientifically proven research for development of hybrid technology in automotive sector.


Q2 2017

Concept Development

Q3 2017

White paper and project concept approval

Q4 2017

Planning for Pre-ICO

Q1 2018

Development of website and Hybrid Blockchain

Q2 2018

Coins pre-sale to early-stage investors and public sale launch

Q3 2018

Coins will be unlocked and launch in some exchanges in future

Q4 2018

Alpha version of the CAREONchain Blockchain will start the execution

Q1 2019

Launch a website To develop a software and a website where all the research for hybrid technologies can be shared from throughout the world

Q2 2019

Launch of API Mainnet & Mobile App for Android/iOS

Q3 2019

Smart Contract Creation like Ethereum