CAR Token


ParkApp Solution

  • Blockchain
    Thanks to our platform and the ParkApp Pay service, all data on payments and transactions will be recorded in the decentralized Blockchain. This will avoid unfairly written fines and further proceedings between the driver and the municipality.
  • One unified tool
    We created a unified app and platform for the entire parking space and payments that the driver can make being behind the wheel. The interface will be automatically adapted for all countries we cover. The driver will no longer be confused by the question: "What app should I download in this city for manual or automatic payments?"
  • ‘ParkApp Pay’ - Automatic on-street parking payments
    Our auto-payment system allows the driver not to worry about the parking zones, rates, payment methods, extension and completion of the parking session. Combining the vehicle's on-board computer with our platform and the mobile app, parking will always be paid correctly, on time and with minimum commission automatically. For corporate clients. Cars integrated with the 'ParkApp Pay' system have a great value for those companies who hold their corporate cars for its staff. This system relieves the corporations from paying additional taxes of the gasoline and parking expenses reimbursement.
  • Automatic
    Payment for commercial parking, food orders on drive-thru chains and toll roads ParkApp integrates with banks, parking and processing equipment, allowing you to pay for a service or a food order via ParkApp Pay completely automatically, reducing the car lines. The license plate is being read at the time of entry to the parking lot, passing of the toll roads or ordering food at McDonald's, charging the necessary amount for payment, without drivers’ involvement.
  • Finding a Vacant Spot
    The parking module algorithm allows users to see vacant and vacating parking spots in real time, predicting the intention of the driver to leave. Data is being collected from the sensors of the smartphone and on-board vehicle’s system (if connected to the ParkApp Pay service). It does not depend on the city infrastructure and calculates congestion forecasts independently.
What will be the use of the token?
  • to pay the service fee, it makes the listed above purchases cheaper
  • to get discounts from our partners on main service they provide, by using tokens (it made out of the reason that the IRS can’t accept tokens as taxes, but if the parking owner gives a discount it works just fine)
  • to put municipal transactions on a Blockchain in order to avoid unfair citations (New York, Paris, Moscow- up to 14% of all transactions are lost from the central city server)
How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects
  • Putting transactions and payments genuine data on a Blockchain to avoid unfair citation, corruption in municipal parking authorities and loss of data;
  • Tax deductions for a corporate clients of ParkApp Pay automatic platform so that the company won’t have to pay additional taxes for the parking expenses reimbursement;
  • Increasing the client-flow, decreasing the lines and congestions at commercial parking lots, drive-thru chains, airports, shopping malls by making all the payments automatic, fast and transparent;
  • Make the parking cheaper by using PRK as a payment tool to cover the service fee and to get a discount from our partners;
  • Increasing the car makers attractiveness (contracted with Ford Motor Company) with additional service and technology.


ParkApp Pay is a Smart-City platform of an automatic decentralized payments the driver could make behind the wheel. Automatic payments from the on-board vehicles system: On/off-street parking, malls, airports, fast food drive-thru orders, Toll roads etc. Token Sale launch is scheduled to run from the December 1st till January 10th to continue further expansion to USA market. We are supported by the Facebook and Microsoft engineers, also by the USA Ford Motor Company advisors, and founders of 2 rather successful ICO’s (Propy and SONM).


Nov 2017

Token Sale preparation and conduct • Legal preparation, Whitepaper • Marketing campaign

Jan 2018

Token Sale results processing • Runway specification based on the of the Token Sale results • Fiatisation and Development of the planned functionality

June 2018

‘ParkApp Pay’ Beta launch • Public launch of an automatic parking payment platform for carmakers and municipalities

Sept 2018

Parkoin wallet • Integration of an ERC20 wallet into ParkApp mobile app • Starting to accept the service fee in Parkoin

Oct 2018

US Expansion • Integration with US commercial parking corporations • Launching USA marketing campaign

Nov 2018

ParkApp Pay development • Commercial ticket-less parking payments • On-street parking payments

Dec 2018

Peer to peer services • Launch of peer to peer service

Jan 2019

Further geographical expansion • At this point we expect to have at least 2M US drivers as our active users • Launching a marketing campaign in Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, China, South Korea

Mar 2019

Integration with car-related services • Integration with car washers, car services, toll roads, etc.

Jan 2020

Integration with partners worldwide • Integration with European and Asian municipal on-street parking and car services partners

Jan 2021

Unified International tool and platform • At this point we expect to have 25M users with daily Parkoin turnover of 120M PRK.