Consulting, recruitment, marketing and travel agencies are the intermediary or brokerage entities. These intermediary entities have the know-how that other businesses are relying on to complete their business transactions. A Payment Processing provider needs technical talents to develop their eCom systems. They use a Job Recruitment agency to find and supply these talents to them. A local Restaurant uses a Payment Processing provider to process a payment. Today, most business entities are acting in some capacity like an intermediary entity from an ecosystem perspective. As a result, Canlead has developed a Sharing Economy 2.0 model to disrupt and transform the traditional intermediary or brokerage business.


Canlead began in 2016 with a simple concept, “a community-led opportunity and referral platform where referrers (leaders) can refer friends (candidates) to opportunities posted by customers (hosts) to save money, earn rewards and gain unique opportunities”.


July 2016

Ideation & concept paper

December 2016

Canlead registered in UK Requirements & design specifications

February 2017

Software development & MVP version

September 2017

Software development & beta version

February 2018

User testing and product market fit testing

March 2018

Business development & partnership agreed

April 2018

ICO consultancy assessment & selection ICO marketing firm assessment & selection ICO legal firm assessment & selection Blockchain technology development partner assessment & selection

May 2018

Private investor identification and pre-sale

July 2018

ICO community

September 2018

ICO private crowdsale (tbd)

January 2019

Decentralised app (blockchain) development & releases for sandbox and bug testing User, community and service support capability fully operational

April 2019

Launch the world 1st Dapp (blockchain) ‘opportunity & referral’ platform on TestNet Sales and marketing capability fully operational

July 2019

Developer toolkit (SDK) Plan Launch the world 1 st Dapp (blockchain) ‘opportunity & referral’ platform to the public

October 2019

GOAL: onboard 100k users and 20 partners / customers

January 2020

Development and release Referral-Plus product GOAL: onboard 150k users and 30 partners / customers

April 2020

Development and release Referral-One2One product GOAL: onboard 200k users and 40 partners / customers

July 2020

Development and release ‘Advanced Features’ GOAL: onboard 250k users and 50 partners / customers