Brickchain Investments, Ltd (“Brickchain”) is a London based corporation founded in the first quarter of 2018 with the aim of bridging emerging blockchain technology together with the real-estate market, consequently giving everyone the possibility to make lowrisk and profitable real estate asset investments. The use of blockchain technology enables users to enhance their access to detailed information on assets as well as financial forecasts and buy/sell transparently through our Real Estate marketplace platform, REMARK Trust.

Brickchain’s mission is to level the playing field for Real Estate investments with the power of blockchain technology. Brickchain operates through two different legal entities: (i) Brickchain Investments Ltd (ii) REMARK Trust (“REMARK”) - our Real Estate marketplace platform.

Brickchain’s goal is to provide financial liquidity to real estate asset owners while preserving their ownership of the property. This is achieved by distributing minority ownership of the individual real estate assets (less than 50%) on Brickchain and exchanging ownership within the REMARK blockchain-integrated platform. REMARKS’ members are provided with comprehensive information regarding the history of the property/asset (e.g. previous owners, historical sale prices, technical specifications, capital expenditures, vacancy) as well as the investment potential (rental yield, market growth…). Both data sets are continuously updated, verified and vetted by real estate industry specialists. Based on this information, users can buy and trade shares of select real estate assets in the form of fixed rate income investment packages, using our platform’s token, BUILDCOIN, and benefit from the asset’s financial growth. On the other hand, the Building Owners benefit from the liquidity they receive in the Building Public Offering (BPO). 

This document outlines Brickchain’s Business Plan, including an organisational chart, the marketing plan, an analysis of the real estate market and our financial forecasts.


Brickchain Investments Ltd is a London based corporation, which enables to trade token of high value real estate investments, giving to everyone the possibility to invest in low-risk and profitable assets. Brickchain Investments will setup an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with the purpose to fund the startup phase of the company. The coin created for this purpose will be named Brickchain Startup Coin (BSC) and will grant access to a percentage of Brickchain Investments’ profits. Ownership of BSC will grant access to Brickchain investments’ profits. Specifically, the 10,000,000 BSC tokens minted, will provide access to 10% of Brickchain’s profits with no expiry date on that right. Brickchain’s revenue and profit forecast are described in the following sections.


Q3 2017

Beginning to research blockchain tech and looking for opportunities in Real Estate.

Q4 2017

Value Proposition Design. Webs it e design begins. Brickchain brand identity.

Q1 2018

Te am setup. Company setup. Wh it e Paper publication.

Q2 2018

Platform beta version. Testing. Series A funding.

Q3 2018

Platform release to public ICO. First Real EstateTokenization.