It’s a global loan and deposit platform, which enables its customers to receive instant liquidity (loan) or additional passive income in the form of interests on the deposit. We are not a p2p platform – all the deals are made instantly.

We lend in fiat, crypt and token currencies.
You can open a deposit in crypt and token currencies.
Multicurrency collateral and deposits.
Transactions within the platforms are made through smart contracts.
Interests on loans and deposits are calculated every hour.
Loans for any amount from $1.
Change in interest rates on deposits (increase) and loans (decrease) is at the expense of the Bonum project’s own tokens.
We inform customers about possible changes in value of their collateral.
We have an emergency fund to ensure deposits return.
We are not a p2p platform – it means that you don’t have to wait for a suitable application to get a loan.


The Bonum platform will provide the opportunity to take out loans in cryptocurrencies, tokens and fiat money against blockchain assets, as well make cryptocurrency and token deposits. These are basic, fundamental, and therefore popular financial services that are not widely available in cryptoeconomy at the moment, but the demand for which will grow at the fastest pace. Crypto asset market is already quite large, it’s still growing, and it can grow more: tens, hundreds, and even thousands of times. The volume of financial transactions, namely loans and deposits in blockchain-based assets, will grow accordingly.



160 offices, 50 regions, 9 time zones, 346 thousands people Given loans: 1 million.


190 offices, 80 regions, 10 time zones Unique clients: 605 thousands people Given loans: 2,2 million.

Q4, 2016


Q1, 2017


Q2, 2017

Platform architecture development.

Q3, 2017

WP and start of the platform development.

Q4, 2017

Start of the private presale, smart-contract ICO.

Q1, 2018

Launch of the beta version of the platform, issuing the first loan, conducting Pre-ICO.

Q2, 2018

ICO, Integration of our own blockchain.

Q3, 2018

Security and performance testing, involving third-party auditors.

Q4, 2018

Partner integration through an open API.


Diversification, decentralisation and expansion of platform functionality, development of our own marketplace, active geographic expansion.