Blackbox Foundation


Business Operating System.
A decentralized platform to manage the future of work.
A more efficient and meritocratic form of “work” built on the blockchain that empowers next generation workers & increases human value. Join us.


Blackbox is a group of PhDs, executives, and technologists joining forces to create the future of work - decentralized. Blackbox Token is used to manage people, teams, and projects as a distributed business operating system. Blackbox’s Deliverable Value Points (DVP) Proposal protocol is not influenced by socioeconomic factors resulting in a platform that is free of fees, politics, and other traditional organizational bloat. The protocol disincentives malicious actors and rewards those pursuing the common good.


June 2018

Pre Sale#1.

August 2018

Pre Sale#2.

June - August 2018

Req Specifications.

July - August 2018


June - Dec, 2018

Private Alpha. Blackbox Network.Goes Live.

September - Dec 2018

Partnership announcements.

October - Dec, 2018

Module Marketplace.