Cryptocurrency payment and implementation of smart contracts. The payment of the purchase to Bitzon is made directly and without any intermediary involved, in a practical currency. The intelligent implementation of the contract and the use of blockchain make transactions as safe and fast as possible. The smart contract transfers money to the seller's account only when the item reaches its destination. Thus, the customer only pays after receiving the product, which increases his confidence in the service and makes online shopping more attractive. Maintain openness and transparency: transparency of transactions is ensured by blockchain technology; Honest Customer Reviews - Only customers who have actually purchased an item (with a confirmed transaction) will be able to comment on their customer experience; Token holders will have access to open-source statistics with real-time publishing of important business process metrics and platform development dynamics: purchasing, number of active stores and visitors, average amount of tickets received, etc. . the most open way to monitor the development of the platform and to anticipate the increase in premiums due to the holding of BITZON; A CPA network based on the blockchain platform that guarantees transparent transactions on all open and unrestricted offers - any webmaster will be able to see all the purchases made via a referral link registered by the blockchain. Security Guarantee: Secure Purchase System: Any customer can get a refund for a low-quality item at their sole discretion within 15 days * of purchase. This condition is included in each smart contract, and the money for the purchase will be refunded in cryptocurrency using the current exchange rate (via a cryptocurrency trading platform). 


Bitzon is an e-commerce marketplace platform where users can buy & sell products and services. Sellers pay a small monthly fee to sell and can list as many items as they want. We use the blockchain so the payments go through instantly and sellers do not have to wait days or weeks to receive their money like other sites.



Start of the development of the ICO.


Preparation of the ICO Token sale.


Design Platform Development


Token Distribution Complete token distribution


Platform beta launch & Exchange listing


IOS/Android app beta version release

MAY 2019

Platform is completed and released

JULY 2019

App Full Version IOS/Androis app full version release


Global Marketing