Bityond differs from other skills-matching and recruitment platforms for being the first to incorporate an economic incentive for users in 3 different ways:

  • Free Tokens: by using the Bityond platform users get tokens 100% for free!
  • Voting: as users will be able to vote on new developments and features,
  • Utility: as users can spend tokens to sponsor new developments.
To receive tokens users can:
  • Participate in the ICO or,
  • Use the platform, as tokens will be given for free upon completing certain actions (creating a profile, adding skills, accepting a job, etc). This will be incorporated in version 3.
How does it work? Candidates:
  • Create a profile,
  • Add skills,
  • Check the dashboard for Job Opportunities!
  • Create an organization and project,
  • Create a job and add skills,
  • Check the Matching Profiles and Invite candidates to apply!
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Bityond is live and free to use! Please give it a try and don't forget to share your feedback! Features: Employers
  • Create multiple Organizations, projects and jobs!
  • Match both candidates from the entire Bityond network or,
  • Match only Organization employees!
  • No more job searching!
  • Match jobs to your skills, experience and availability!
  • All types of jobs availables!
  • Get tokens for free, just by using Bityond!
  • Keep the tokens to vote and or,
  • Use them to help us improve Bityond!


Bityond is a recruitment, talent and project management platform that matches candidates to jobs, based on skills, experience, characteristics and availability. Our mission is to give candidates a quick way to find meaningful jobs and employers the power to recruit people with the right skill-set, or to manage employees by skills. As we transition into a distributed network model we aim at bringing more value to our community, by giving economic incentives, via the Bityond token, to any user who participates in the Bityond network.


March 2017

Bityond beta release UAT, Partnership agreements

September 2017

Bityond 2.0 design Bityond 1.0 beta & marketing

March 2018

Bityond 2.0 development Bityond 1.0 Live ICO

September 2018

Bityond 2.0 beta Smart-contracts Marketing & Growth

March 2019

Bityond 2.0 Live, Bityond 3.0 beta, Mobile app.