Bitto Exchange


Bitto exchange provide free trading for ICO contributors and also early access to BITTO news. Normal Traders can follow signals and increase their volume in trading by lenders pool. Signal - Smart investing
Both experienced traders and novice traders can participate in financial markets by copying deals. This is done by copying experienced traders with profitable reliable records, This is a unique trading solution for traders that are just beginning, who wish to expand their initial capital and lack the time or experience to trade in person. Staking (POS)
By Staking Bitto coins in Bitto exchange platform for 15 days, you will be able to earn Bitto coins daily, 3 million tokens will be given out in 2 years. Lending: Peer to peer
To cut out the middle person and empower personal lending. Making borrowing faster, highly secured and profitable. No physical paperwork required. Confirmation and tracking system input with an option to choose AUTO accepting of an interest rate or higher.
​Priority given to ICO contributors for Interest rates with higher percentage returns, Starts from 1% daily. Borrowing
“mortgage” your cryptocurrency to borrow funds in local fiat currency from Lenders. This is deposited directly into your bank account. (*interest rate is market driven). Track the increase in value of your cryptocurrency by keeping it. This will save you cost of transaction, and provide a fast and efficient way of spending in fiat currency. Be rewarded for timely payments, and faster processing with prioritisation for better interest rates. Point system to track and reward. Referral
Non ICO contributors: Providing 20% commission on each trade your friend makes on BItto Exchange.
ICO contributors: Up to 60% commission of each trade your friend makes on Bitto exchange. Mobile App Trading
ICO contributors are provided access and free usage, that includes offline cryptocurrency wallet storage, direct access to high liquidity trade on exchange and Portfolio management


Bitto exchange provides a 1 stop solution Exchange with Trading, Lending, Copy trading, PoS, Multi-level Referral & buybacks.


Q1 2018

Collaboration with NEO and Ethereum for User Airdrops; Listing on Coinmarketcap, and several exchanges.

Q2 2018

Support team implementation for exchange. Server testing and bounty reward for bugs. Request and registration of intent of Coins to be added on exchange.

Q3 2018

Launch of exchange. Adding top 10 cryptocurrencies. Referral Program Initiated. Tier Users Phase 1 initiated. Staking POS reward interface.

Q4 2018

Testing signal interface. Launch of lending program. Setting up local offices with Support and Private Servers..

Q1 2019

Pro-Active approach to marketing and promotion of the usage of BiTTo to local merchants. Phase 1 Buyback Burn.

Q2 2019

Testing of ATM machines to utilise BiTTo in legally permitted countries. Attending conferences to provide more market exposure.

Q3 2019

Development team to focus on App, wallet and platform integration.