Bitmillex is the next generation cryptocurrency exchange that aims at taking advantage of the opportunities presented in the cryptocurrency exchange space, addressing the areas of deficiencies identified in current exchanges and providing a solution to the specific needs of traders and investors. The idea of the Bitmillex project was conceived in 2016 when a group of traders who met during the New York Trading Show, opened discussions and analyses on the gaps between what was desired by traders in the rapidly rising cryptocurrency space as opposed to what was actually provided by exchanges. The plan was initially to leverage on the experience of the founders and develop a model to operate as a crypto advisory, hedge fund management and to invest in pool mining. The project was then named the Coolima Invest forum. However around mid-2017, as a result of further surveys and events it was agreed that the group focus be redirected to using the project as a vehicle to address more pointedly, the challenges and problems identified in the cryptocurrency Exchange industry by developing a platform that will not only win the trust of investors, but offer a completely new dimension to exchanging. The team consequently agreed to adopt a new name Bitmillex.


Designed to be the world’s most secure and complete cryptocurrency exchange, Bitmillex is developed by experienced traders and experts in cybersecurity and the use of blockchain financial solutions, to create customized and tangible solutions to the demands of various categories of traders and investors; and aggregate these solutions into a most unique and extra-ordinary trading platform.


Q2 2017

Idea Formation; Market Analysis & Surveys; Planning and Design of Desired; Exchange Features.

Q3 2017

Team Formation; Technical Partners Selection; Initial White Paper Draft; Legal Formalities begin.

Q4 2017

Front and Back End Development begins; Alpha Testing; Algorithm Signals Testing.

Q1 2018

Incorporation of BITMILLEX LTD; Social Media Platform launch; Airdrop; Marketing.

Q2 2018

ICO; Beta Testing; Bitmillex Exchange Launch; Listing on Coinmarketcap; KYC Module; Mobile APP Release; External Exchange Listing; MT4/MT5 Platform Launch.

Q3 2018

Acquisition of Additional Licences; Distribution of Bitmillex Debit Card; Marketing and Roadshows in various regions around the world.

Q4 2018

Bitmillex Headquarters Opened in London.

Q1 2019

Launch of Bitmillex Decentrex (Decentralized Exchange Platform).