Bitdepositary is The World's First Ultra-Secure Market ICO B Q-Ratio Funding Community with Integrated Payment Solutions. It is a revolutionary concept that willmake ICO More Secure and enable users to make investments in projects quickerand easierthan before. Covering the history of the company, the business model along with information about the progress made to date, reviewing the market, technology, and customers in detail. Following this, the planned go-to-market strategy, along with the company financials will be detailed along with information about the Tokens and the Bitdepositary team. Bitdepositary offers the possibilityforplanned ICO projects to be presented and published to a panel of project managers (companies). Each project will go through meticulous checks that will involve the verification of the feasibility of the project along with numerous tests that will be conducted by tax consultants, lawyers, and other professional specialists, along with users and communityusers ofthe company. The users ofthe system will also be given an e-money provider that is integrated into the system and enables them to complete payments, exchanges, and coins/token from within the platform/app. This gives users a secure and comprehensive way to invest, that is much quickerand easierthan other solutions.


Bitdepositary is an ultra-secure and reliable ICO crowdfunding community transform that unites project developers and investors through a protected blockchain platform. Bitdepositary incorporates great ideas and practices to help both idea owners and backers to realize their dream easily and with a higher degree of certainty. Though the ICO market is becoming more restricted, lack of a common regulatory authority and the cross-border nature of blockchain technology still makes it a challenge to fully control the market. As a result, so many ICO scams have been launched and investors end up losing a large amount of money. The ICO creators are also on the losing end as investors are slowly losing trust and confidence in the market.


Q2 2017

TGG Holding GmbH Founded in Germany Specialist Salesforce Development work commences

Q3 2017

Finance Marketing GmbH Founded in Germany The Bitdepositary business concept was realized Formulation of Marketing and Programmer Team for Blockchain and Salesforce

Q4 2017

Discussions with Lawyers and Tax Consultants commenced

Q1 2018

Formulation of the development team for Bitdepositary Financial License Conceptualization Programming work and ICO planning commencement

Q2 2018

The company name ‘Bitdepositary’ was created ICO Programming completion Bitdepositary founded in Malta

Q3 2018

Founding Bitdepositary Time = CEST

Q4 2018

Launch BDT on different external exchanging Platforms launch Multi Wallet for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and BDT with integrated crypto exchange

Q1 2019

Closing of formation Bitdepositary - E-Money Lizenz Release Bitdepositary App Integration Stock Market to sell and buy Token or Coins Integration Fiat Currencies Wallets (EUR, USD, GBP, GEL and RUB)

Q2 2019

Start Bitdepositary Investments Platform Delivery of Credit Cards