Esports (electronic sports) is a form of competition, which mainly revolves around computer gaming and is one of the fastest growing digital industries in the global economy. There’s an estimated audience of 292 million people (with close to 500 million views on major events streaming), around $892M in earnings (as of end 2016) and forecasted earnings surpassing $1B by 20181. The existing esports structure does not provide transparency over the spending of funds, raised through crowdfunding by fans within the community looking to nance events and to support their favourite talents, nor accountability for providing any offering or service in exchange for these funds, which in turn - leaves gamers, fans, content consumers and esports talents dependent on game publishers and main-events organizers. To illustrate this further, most crowdfunding in esports that yield considerable worth are initiated by major industry leaders and game developers. Community funding produces one off services and ingame content that fans can cherish but the contribution lies, in the end, purely with those collecting. Coupled with faster broadband, improved access to technological infrastructure and rapid digitalization of new territories around the world, the fusion of esports into mainstream media and to newly discovered mass audience consumption opens a door to a vast, untapped “blue ocean” market, valued at billions of dollars. Additionally, community donations offer no long term nancial sustainability to esports talents. Talents are restricted in pursuing their marketing activities by publishing companies who own the copyrights. The lack of a dedicated system that enables esports talents to be funded directly by the community in return for exclusive interaction and engagement with their fans poses a major barrier in liberating the esports industry from the control of the big companies, which currently dictate the direction of the industry and restrict the creative freedom in the market.


BestMeta will allow professional esports gamers to create their own digital token for fans to purchase in exchange for merchandise, exclusive offers and involvement in their projects via smart contracts.


2017 June

BestMeta project is born. Formation of team members & project development kick off.

2018 January

BestMeta project announcement. Follow our social media channels to join the BestMeta conversation from day one!

2018 February

BestMeta Token Sale: 15th February to 28th February: Pre-sale: Sale of BMT at exclusive discount rate. 1st March - 31st March: ICO - Public participation in BMT sale. Follow us on social media to see how you can directly bene t from participating in BMT sale!

2018 April

Platform Development BestMeta Platform, talent portal and community portal development kick off. BestMeta Reward Store opens - BMT allows community to acquire exclusive talent merchandise BestMeta host livestream sessions with esports talents & interactions with BMT.

Q3 2018

BestMeta platform: Testing. Extensive testing of platform to closed group of talents & audience for feedback, evaluation & implementation.

Q4 2018

BestMeta platform go-live: Esports talents to launch their projects on the platform. Communities are able to exchange BMT into talent token credits to participate.