How does immutability translate into human mortality. Does this mean that if we are able to change the constant state of the part of life we refer to as death – are we are able to change the things which occur both leading up to death (the conditions) and what possibly may occur after death occurs? For that matter, can we change or alter the very existence of or constancy of death itself?

We at BeANKH aspired to develop an approach based on Blockchain technology to save the individual human  ersonalities securely on a blockchain. After years of research and development we believe we identified an approach to transform the personality into an algorithm which then lends itself to a digital copy of the personality.

The contention is that once a person passes away, his qualities and characteristics are bequeathed to his heirs. This technology is just the beginning of the journey towards digital immortality.

The idea is that the decentralized storage and encryption will provide for the security of personal data, making the digital personality not only readily available, but also tamper-proof.

The BeANKH token intends to be the digital currency used to pay for the aforementioned services, the hardware involved in facilitating the technology and any recurring fees involved with maintenance of user’s profiles.


BeANKH is a blockchain based platform, utilizing the power of smart contract and artificial intelligence algorithms to create a person’s digital analogue by Identifying unique thinking patterns, emotional response templates in order to model future behavior of the analogue that will keep functioning after physical death of the person.



Initial idoa was born.


Founders and a group of Entrepreneurs started to develop the idea of BeANKN.

Q1 2018

ICO Preparations.

Q2 2018

ICO Presale.

Q2 2019

ICO Public Sale.

Q4 2019

Go-Live. Mobile App.

Q4 2021

Go-Live.Camera Usage for Emotion Capturing.

Q3 2022

Go-Live. 3D Digital Avatar Functionality.

Q4 2023

Go-Live. Natural Language Capturing.

Q4 2024

Go-Live. Digital Copy of Voice Functionality.