The BandZ Network was established in mid-2017 with headquarters and Intellectual Property rights held in Toronto, Canada. BandZ is a business focused on decentralizing the internet. BandZ is a global p2p extranet project with the aim of making internet connections censorship-resistant, secure, cheaper, as well as accessible over larger distances and in low infrastructure areas. Blockchain software is being built to provide the services that will be available to BandZ users on its extranet (VPN, rotating proxy, secured communications, mesh networks, and more).

BandZ offers novice users the ability to access these enterprise-grade internet services at a low cost. BandZ will also enable peers to provide these services to each other via the exchange of bandwidth as payment, denominated in the BandZ token. All underpinned by BandZ secure proprietary blockchain technology.


The BandZ vision is create an ultrafast, ubiquitous, “distributedly-managed” global extranet powered by Blockchain. All of the individual peers will be their own intranets and provide each other with enterprise grade VPN security and robust internet connectivity. They will pay each other with bandwidth denominated in BandZ (the token) so that the system pays everyone within it as the members use it.


2017 Q4

Core team and strategy formation

2018 Q1

Proof of concept, website, marketing, community engagement

2018 Q2-Q3

Pre-sale, pre-ICO, ICO

2018 Q4

Wallet, exchange listing, testnet

2019 Q1

Mainnet, BandZ mobile SDK

2019 Q2-Q3

TOR level anonymity, stability

2019 Q4

Proprietary blockchain development