Avatara is a person working for you for $5-50 per hour. Avatara has a phone with a camera or video glasses with a camera and the Internet and Skype connection. Avatara connects with you via Skype and broadcasts video and audio in mono or stereo format. In addition to Skype, you can use other video broadcasting technology with video recording features. You can connect an interpreter to the communication channel by finding him/her on the Avatara’s site (if your Avatara does not know your language). In addition to glasses, Avatara person can use a tablet PC or phone for your interaction with a collocutor via Skype. On www.Avatara.world, a person marks himself/herself incognito on the world’s map so that customers can find him/her and connect to him/her. Any person in the world can receive a temporary or permanent earnings if connected to the Avatara system.


AVATARA - Revolution for the Media, Education, Business, Shopping, Entertainment and other fields of human life. For example, if you are at home now, you can appear in Beijing in the “Avatara body” and walk around the city, visit to the exhibition, see the exhibits, talk to company representatives, and discuss the contracts in advance. Avatara provides three effects: Moving, Communicating in any language, Huge money savings.



The idea of ​​Avatara appeared in 2011 and was published in the media. But the mobile Internet was very bad at that time and the start of the project was postponed. Today, the mobile Internet gives high quality video and we open the Avatara project to the whole world. Avatara in 2011 media https://avatara.world/content/media >>>

March 2018

Start of the pre-Sale

April 2018

Team recruitment for the platform and mobile application development. Recruitment of the technical department team to prepare instructions for working with various types of gadgets.

May 2018

Start of the pre-ICO and the ICO and promote them in the world. The team’s work to create a platform and enter the market. Creation of a global network of partners.

June 2018

Launching the first version of the portal and mobile application in 12 languages. Studying the production of simple and stereo video glasses under the Avatara brand. Expanding global network of partners.

July 2018

Gadgets production and building the distribution network in collaboration with the partners.

November 2018

Promotion and sales of services and gadgets in countries with these languages.

November 2018

Activation of other languages. Expansion to countries with these languages.

June 2019

Creating new gadgets for Avatara.

July 2019

Continuation of expansion into language markets. Research for future technologies development.


Research and production of technology of direct data transmission "consciousness - consciousness".


Promotion and sale of technology "consciousness - consciousness".